Good Samaritan Rescues a Hedgehog Stuck in the Mud and Gives It a Shower

In the last few years, the internet has fallen in love with hedgehogs. It’s not hard to see why, given their adorably rounded bodies and sweet little faces. Recently, one particular hedgehog caught the attention of a passerby in real life, but it wasn’t simply because the critter was being cute. Unfortunately, the hedgehog had to be rescued from a sticky situation. The little guy was stuck belly up in the mud, unable to free himself. Fortunately, the hedgehog was saved and there’s video of the whole rescue.

In the video, a man speaking in Arabic comes up to the tiny creature. According to Redditor a3_an1, his accent is from the Saudi Arabian region of Al-Qassim. He seems to be taking the video to show it to someone in particular. “What is this? I almost ran it over,” he tells the person he is recording for. The man then turns to the hedgehog. “What happened to you? Stuck in mud!” and says he can't help laughing a bit. “I will get you out. Wait, do not bite me.” The rescuer really struggles to unstick him, and goes on to compare his current state to adobe, worrying about how he could have turned into a sorry soup or mashed pumpkin under these conditions. “Look at him, he is suffering, he became a turtle,” the man exclaims. “Let me take him away from the road.”

Luckily, the man is able to grab the suffering little hedgehog by its paw and lift it carefully out of the mud. Despite the fear the tiny creature was surely feeling in the first moments the man reaches out, it seems to realize it’s being helped, and so the hedgehog grabs the man's hand with both paws. Once it's back on its feet, it’s clear the hedgehog still has problems moving. So, the man proceeds to clean it with a pressure washer.

“Wait, let me wash you. You became [adobe], too much mud,” he warmly tells the animal. “Thank God I noticed you and focused on the road or you would have been in a different situation,” the man says, and is moved when its tiny nose finally appears after being covered in dirt. The hedgehog even makes little turns to make sure he is rinsed on all sides.

The video ends while the hedgehog is still taking a shower, so it's unclear if he escaped quickly or stood around with his rescuer. After being shared on Reddit, the video has earned over 55,000 upvotes, as users praised the man's kindness and how adorable the critter looks turning around while it is being rinsed. On top of the heartwarming factor, their story is a reminder to be on the lookout for tiny creatures who could use our help—it could end up being a life-saving encounter.

A heartwarming video shows a man rescuing a hedgehog that was stuck in the mud.

Good Samaritan Rescues a Hedgehog Stuck in the Mud and Gives It a Shower

Photo: Screenshot from Reddit

After setting it free, the kind man rinses the mud off the hedgehog with a pressure washer.

Good Samaritan Rescues a Hedgehog Stuck in the Mud and Gives It a Shower

Photo: Screenshot from Reddit

h/t: [Reddit]

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