Playful Erasers of Men Who Go Bald As You Use Them

Funny Eraser That Balds

Everyone makes mistakes, which is why a good eraser is a must-have. While most don't think of it as the most exciting stationery supply to pick out, there are many cute erasers that add a bit of whimsy to your desk. Japanese artist Kazuya Ishikawa, for instance, designed a playful eraser that begins as a human character with a full head of hair, but as it is rubbed against paper, the man will begin to bald.

The cartoon figure resembles a stereotypical office worker in a brown suit and tie. He is rendered with a concerned expression on his face, which makes sense as you begin to use it. Just like a normal eraser sheds with continued usage, this one does too. Only, due to the creative design, the first part of the eraser to fall away is the crop of black hair.

As a result, the more mistakes one makes, the more hair the man loses. He might develop a balding pattern in the front of his head or at the back, but eventually, he will lose all of his hair. So, it's no wonder he seems so worried! Ishikawa also created another character with the same idea, only this man is dressed as a monk and seems completely at peace with his fate. In this case, there is less guilt about being the cause of the character losing his lush locks, so you might feel freer to erase away.

While this product is just a concept design for now, the mass appeal might mean a real “balding” eraser to purchase in the near future. You can keep up to date with Ishikawa's latest projects and designs by following him on Twitter.

Japanese artist Kazuya Ishikawa has designed a playful eraser that begins by looking like a cartoon man.

Funny Eraser That Balds

As you rub the eraser against paper, the design will naturally wear off, making the character turn bald.

Funny Eraser That Balds

Ishikawa also designs other creative stationery supplies that add a fun touch to any office space.

Kazuya Ishikawa: Twitter
h/t: [Awesome Inventions]

All images via Kazuya Ishikawa.

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