Watch This Adorable Cat Say “Buongiorno” to a Woman in Italy

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In many places, especially in small towns, it is common for people to greet everyone they come across, even those they don't know. For one woman in Italy, this included saying hello to a cat in the street. But much to her surprise—and that of the world—the kitty replied, “buongiorno,” to her. Or so it seems.

The video, which has been shared across multiple social media platforms, shows a woman named Francesca cheerily says, “buongiorno,” to a cat named Paulo, who is seen eating his meal on the sidewalk. Without missing a beat, the kitty looks up from his plate and lets out a meow with the same rhythm and structure as the “buongiorno” he just heard. Did he simply know how to reply from all the time he has listened to that word? The woman is delighted, saying, “Did you just say, ‘Good morning' to me?” and gets up close to the cat, who happily stretches and goes on with his day. The “buongiorno cat” has since gone viral and even become a meme, especially amongst Italians who have claimed Paulo as one of their own.

As surprising as this wholesome interaction is, it isn't even the first animal that “speaks” Italian that we've heard of. Last year, a husky dog made waves for barking with a distinctively Italian accent, seemingly picking it up from its humans. Despite how fun it is, this seems to be part of a larger scientific phenomenon. According to a study conducted in the UK, dogs copying regional accents is a common occurrence. The researchers came to this conclusion after listening to recordings of dogs' barks and growls that had been submitted to a panel, where they found variations from area to area. This may be true for the cat, which not only makes it super adorable, but also quite polite. Good morning to you too, kitty!

Watch as a woman in Italy says, “buongiorno,” to a cat, and without missing a beat, the kitty looks up and lets out a meow that sounds exactly like “buongiorno.”

Paulo the cat has since gone viral and become a meme for identifying Italian cats.


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