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Delicate Mini Tattoos Have Dainty Details You’ll Want to Get in Close to See

Some people have tattoos that are clearly meant to be noticed by others; they like sharing their ink with anyone they come into contact with. There are other folks, however, that take a different approach. They prefer to keep their body art all to themselves and hide their designs underneath their clothes. Hong Kong-based tattooist Mini Lau, aka Mini Tattoo HK, falls somewhere in the middle on this spectrum. Her delicate tattoos are often inked in areas visible to others, but they are so finely detailed that one can only appreciate their details from up close.

Mini Lau inks a variety of subjects on the skin. From the cosmos to cats to flowers, each is handled in the same style. There is minimal line work, and the marks made are exceptionally thin. To offset the stark drawings, pigments are applied in a watercolor-style wash; this builds form while adding to the daintiness of the overall tattoo.

Like many tattoo artists, Mini Lau apprenticed under a more experienced tattooist. She learned her skills from Anzo Choi and now works as an artist at his shop, Hello Tattoo, in Hong Kong.

Tattoo artist Mini Lau inks delicate tattoos that can only be appreciated from up close.

She inks a variety of subjects, including the cosmos, furry creatures, and flowers.

Mini Lau: Instagram

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