Brilliant Book Bracelet Includes 1,400 Drawings by Rembrandt

Book Bracelet Contains 1400 Rembrandt Drawings

For most art lovers, visiting a museum or gallery is the only time they can see priceless works of art in person. Otherwise, our knowledge of these masterpieces is based on seeing them online and in textbooks. Well, Amsterdam-based studio Duinker & Dochters is bridging the gap between the digital and material in their limited series of accessories. The small team of designers have created a special piece of jewelry that gives art enthusiasts a chance to hold an entire museum in their hand and flaunt it on their wrist. Rembrandt's Hands a Lion's Paw is a “book bracelet” containing 1,400 numbered pages based on drawings of hands by the Old Master.

From afar, the unusual piece resembles a thick cuff with a luminescent detail along the side. Luske Gais and Lisa Duinker—the founders and primary artists behind Duinker & Dochters—sourced 300 drawings and etchings by Rembrandt from the Rijksmuseum's public website as the material for this piece. Then, they identified 1,400 images of hands from these works of art and formatted them into numbered, double-sided pages. The unique form of the bracelet was created by binding all of the pieces together with a variation of cross-stitch called brocheersteek. In doing so, the many individual sheets fan around the wearer's wrist in a way that is secure, but still loose enough that the individual can thumb through the drawings and admire them.

All of the pages are gilt-edged, which accounts for the golden glow of the wristlet. Additionally, the book bracelet features an 18-karat gold clasp and comes inside of a stunning black leather and red suede case handmade by the Amsterdam workshop Elbel Libro. Duinker & Dochters' collection of unusual pieces makes world-famous images not only touchable but wearable, too. “Digitial collections have become an integral part of our lives, from the photos on your phone to museum collections,” the studio explains. “These bits and bytes make them tangible in a new art form.”

You can purchase this wearable work of art via Duinker & Dochters' website. The wait time is approximately six weeks.

Duinker & Dochters put together a unique “book bracelet” of Rembrandt's drawings of hands.

Book Bracelet Contains 1400 Rembrandt Drawings

It includes 1,400 numbered, gilt-edged pages and an 18-karat gold clasp.

Book Bracelet Contains 1400 Rembrandt Drawings

Book Bracelet Contains 1400 Rembrandt Drawings

The wristlet is bound with a variation of cross-stitch known as brocheersteek.

Book Bracelet Contains 1400 Rembrandt Drawings

Each book bracelet comes in a leather box.

Book Bracelet Contains 1400 Rembrandt Drawings

The unique fashion statement costs €10,000 (about $10,850.69 USD).

Book Bracelet Contains 1400 Rembrandt Drawings

Duinker & Dochters: Website | Facebook 
h/t: [Open Culture]

All images via Duinker & Dochters.

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