2021 EPSON International Pano Awards Celebrate the Creativity of Panoramic Photography

Panorama of Cyprus Trees Growing Out of the Water

“Eternal Triangle” by Joshua Hermann (USA). 2021 Open Photographer of the Year.

The world's largest competition for panoramic photographers has just announced its winners. With over 5,000 entries from amateur and professional photographers in 97 countries, the 2021 EPSON International Pano Awards is a celebration of creativity. American photographer Joshua Hermann was awarded the title of Open Photographer of the Year for his gorgeous images of cypress trees growing from the swamps of Louisiana.

“It is an honor to have my images selected in the Open Category alongside so many wonderfully talented photographers,” Hermann shared. “One of the great things about photography is its ability to inform. Growing up in south Louisiana and coming to know the swamp and marshlands from an early age, the unique beauty and interesting ecology of the area has stuck with me throughout my life. I hope to share the beauty of these places through my imagery, allow people to get a closer look into the uniqueness of these areas and, ultimately, to inform them of the importance of protecting these wetlands.”

The awards celebrate both amateur and professional photographers, who enter into categories focusing on the natural world or the built environment. There is also a special virtual reality, 360-photo award. Russian photographer Oleg Gaponyuk took home the top prize in that category for his image of Jellyfish Lake in Palau. When viewed properly, it's an incredible, immersive experience.

The great success of the competition, which is run by EPSON Australia, speaks to the resilience of photographers even in difficult times. “Who would have thought the Pano Awards would again be so successful during such another challenging year,” said Craig Heckenberg, managing director of EPSON Australia. “This commitment to excellence and continued success are two of the many reasons Epson has been a proud sponsor of the Pano Awards for the past 12 years we are delighted, but not surprised, at its continued popularity. The quality bar is raised every year and Epson is proud that our technology helps the photographers realize their passion and bring these amazing images to life.”

See more incredible panoramas from the 2021 EPSON International Pano Awards.

Panorama of Bridge and Skyscraper

Juan López Ruiz (Spain). Fourth Place, Open, Built Environment/Architecture.

Panorama of Architecture

“Tonal Intersection” by Mark Brierley (Australia). Winner, Open, Built Environment/Architecture.

Panorama of City Environment

“Above the Clouds” by Florian Kriechbaumer (UAE). Winner, Amateur, Built Environment/Architecture

360 Image of Jellyfish Lake in Palau

“Jellyfish Lake” by Oleg Gaponyuk (Russia). Winner, VR/360 Award Winner.

2021 EPSON Pano Awards

Gheorghe Popa (Romania), Second Place, Open, Landscape/Nature

Black and White Panorama of Architecture

Pedro Nogales Tena (Spain). Third Place, Amateur, Built Environment/Architecture.

Panorama of the Mountains

Max Rive (Netherlands). 2021 Curators Award.

Gentoo Penguin Colony in Antarctica

Tom Sheckels (USA). Highest Scoring IAPP Member.

Sunset at Active Crater of Mutnovsky Volcano

Alexey Matveyev (Russia). Second Place, VR/360

Panorama of the Mountains at Dusk

Jinyi He (China). Third Place, Open, Landscape/Nature.

Panorama of Torres del Paine in Patagonia

Andrew Dickman (Australia). Highest Scoring Smartphone Pano.

Panorama of Toxic Waste in Spain

Manuel Enrique González Carmon (Spain). EPSON Digital Art Prize.

Panorama of the Interior of a Church

Sharad Haksar (India), Seventh Place, Open, Built Environment/Architecture

Panorama of People Boating on River in Thailand

Sarah Wouters (Thailand). Sixth Place, Amateur, Built Environment/Landscape

Panorama of Fence in the Snow

Ray Jennings (Australia). 2021 Nikon Australia Award.

Panorama of Man Boating Across Lake

Ky Nhan Cao (Vietnam). Fourth Place, Amateur, Nature/Landscape.

Panorama of the Forest

Martin Podt (Netherlands). Second Place, Amateur, Landscape/Nature.

Aerial Panorama of Lake on a Mountain

Sergey Aleshchenko (Russia). Fifth Place, Amateur, Nature/Landscape.

Black and White Panorama of the Sydney Opera House

Paul Dodd (Australia). Second Place, Open, Built Environment/Architecture.

Panorama of Architecture

Hin Kau Chan (Hong Kong). Second Place, Amateur, Built Environment/Architecture

Milky Way Reflecting in Lake in the Swiss Mountains

“Shining Night” by Daniel Trippolt (Austria). 2021 Amateur Photographer of the Year.

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My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by the EPSON International Pano Awards.

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