Photographer Captures Rarely Seen Side of Magical Faroe Islands Covered in Snow

Faroe Islands by Felix Inden

German photographer Felix Inden has been fascinated with the Faroe Islands since his first trip several years ago. This natural paradise has increasingly become a top destination for photographers around the world; and on a recent trip, Inden aimed to capture its rugged beauty in the face of increased tourism.

To distinguish himself from the crowds, Inden’s goal for his trip was to photograph the islands covered in snow. It wouldn’t be an easy moment to capture, as snow is often washed away by rain after a day or so. “I was really pleased to get lucky with the conditions,” Inden tells My Modern Met. “There was so much snow that many roads were closed and I had plenty of time to explore the islands again—looking totally different than normal. From time to time it was insanely hard to take pictures, but these raw experiences are what really fuels my creativity and passion for photography!”

After a week, the wintery weather disappeared and Inden was able to round out his new set of photos with images that look like an entirely different season. It’s this extreme weather that intrigues Inden, as demonstrated by his moody photographs. Mysterious and dreamy, the Faroe Islands appear as though they were lifted from the pages of a fairy tale.

“I hope that with this series viewers get to see the beauty of Mother Nature during the moments where she shows her grim face. This world is big and beautiful—go out and have a look for yourself!”

Photographer Felix Inden traveled to the North Atlantic Ocean to capture the stunning and rarely seen views of the Faroe Islands covered in snow.

Faroe Islands by Felix Inden

Faroe Islands by Felix Inden

Faroe Islands with Snow

Snow in the Faroe Islands

Photo of the Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands by Felix Inden

Photo of the Faroe Islands

Within a week's time, all the snow was gone. Like it was all some sort of dream.

Photo of the Faroe Islands

Felix Inden: Website | FacebookInstagram | Behance

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Felix Inden.

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