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Pond Surface Beautifully Frozen to Resemble a Japanese Rock Garden

Winter temperatures can cause ice to do some unexpected things, and Reddit user odstane can definitely attest to this. He recently shared a series of photos from his frozen backyard pond, and the now-block of ice created some unusually beautiful effects. Concentric circle patterns cover the surface, and they resemble the lines you’d see on a topographic (elevation) map or even in a Japanese rock garden.

Bold white “outlines” highlight different shapes in the ice, and they trace around rocks that stick out of the pond. There are brilliant, multifaceted colors and crystals that are visible depending on your vantage point. And, when photographed up close, the pond sometimes resembles an abstract work of art rather than frozen water.

The Reddit post doesn’t reveal how this phenomena occurred (there are only educated guesses), but we’re glad that odstane shared this bit of winter wonder with the world.

odstane’s post on Reddit
via [Twisted Sifter]

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