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20+ Creative Gifts for People Who Love to Read

Gifts for Book Lovers

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There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book and being transported into another world—especially for those who want to avoid the winter season. And while a novel is a welcome gift for any book lover, there’s also plenty of other delightful, reading-related products out there. Even though some might prefer e-books, gift-giving is more special when you exchange something thoughtful and physical, hand-to-hand. Not to mention, it’s hard to beat the smell of an old book (we found a candle for that), or simply the tangibility of a page-turn.

Our book lover gift guide is full of interesting ideas, including a personal library kit and a 100 book scratch off poster for those with an ever-growing reading list. There’s also plenty of book-themed accessories—such as enamel pins and a handy book-carrying tote bag—for bookworms who want to show off their literary love.

Know someone who loves to read? Check out our selection of gifts for book lovers.


Book Clutches


“Just One More Chapter” Enamel Book Pin


Felt Bookmark Set

Gifts for Book Lovers Book Mark

LoveMaude | $20.80


Personal Library Kit

Gifts for Book Lovers

Knock Knock | $15.14


Vintage Book Cover Locket Jewelry


Antique Book Scented Candle


Fairytale Bookmarks


Rose Gold “Page Anchor”

Book Gifts

Page Anchor | $49.99


Folding Book Lamp

Book Gifts



The Little Library Cookbook

Gifts for Book Lovers Book Cookbook

Kate Young | $16.48


Superhero Bookends

Gifts for Book Lovers

ARTORI Design | $31.90


Book Locket


Book-Stack Tote Bag

Book Gifts

Picomodi | $23.99


“Books” Art Print

Gifts for Book Lovers

Carlos ARL | $24.99


Posable Bookworm


Book-Wrapped Pencils


“Readers Gonna Read” Coffee Mug

Gifts for Book Lovers

artRuss | $18.73+


Gilded Books Matchbox Set


Book Phone Wallets


Bookworm Twist Ring


“Book nerd” Enamel Pin


“100 Books” Scratch Off Poster

Gifts for Book Lovers

Gift Republic | $14.99


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