Watch Revealing GoPro Footage Shot by Cyclist on Streets of Pyongyang, North Korea

view of the Pyongyang - capital of the North Korea

Photo: iggy74/Depositphotos

North Korea is imbued with an aura of mystery due to the tight restrictions that shape the life of its citizens. Even tourism is tightly controlled and the footage that makes it out is limited—especially videos depicting everyday life there. Somehow, a rare video of a bike stroll around the streets of Pyongyang has made it online, offering a peek into a regular day in the North Korean capital.

The video was most likely shot by two Indonesian tourists, who can be heard wondering out loud whether they are supposed to ride on the sidewalk or the main road. They also notice North Koreans staring at them, as they are foreigners. The 12-minute clip sees them traversing the streets as people walk around, likely during a rush hour with people traveling to or from work.

The footage shows a city with little signage and advertising. The Soviet architecture rules the skyline, with wide and clean streets. The weather seems to be chilly, as people can be seen wearing puffy jackets and scarves. While there is no date attached to the recording, those with insights regarding buildings in Pyongyang point to it being shot before 2019.

Viewers have also taken note of the vehicles on the streets, from military jeeps to vintage Mercedes-Benz cars, and even a Lexus LX 3rd generation—a more modern and luxurious automobile. According to YouTube user @urban1960, the building shown at the 3-minute mark is a university hospital. The stroll also features a clothing store, a meat restaurant, and newsstands.

Ultimately, the main quality people have noticed is how eeriely quiet the scenes are. Still, for a place we know so little about, this footage is tremendously insightful and show us a slice-of-life moment in North Korea that we rarely get to see.

A rare video depicting a bike stroll around the streets of Pyongyang has made it online, offering a peek into a regular day in the North Korean capital.

h/t: [Reddit]

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