This Calming Solar Powered Light Mimics the Glow of a Perfect Sunset in Your Home

Sunne Solar Powered Light

The environmentally conscious are increasingly turning to solar power as one of the most accessible and abundant sources of renewable energy. Still, the world isn’t to a point in which solar energy is both affordable and accessible for everyone. There are, however, many innovators and businesses trying to change that. Award-winning solar designer Marjan van Aubel finds ways to bring solar power into daily life and elevate it from a merely functional resource for energy into a thing of beauty. Her latest innovation called Sunne is a light that harvests solar energy and transmits the serene glow of a perfect sunset into your home.

Designed to hang freely from two steel wires, Sunne collects the sun’s energy as it filters in through the window. Sunne then stores it in an integrated battery, which it draws from to cast a soft glow of ambient light. With its three illumination settings—Sunne Rise, Sunne Light, and Sunne Set—it mimics the beautiful colors visible at sunrise, during daylight, and at sunset.

“I am fascinated by sunsets and sunrises as they contain so many beautiful colors, colors you can’t grasp as they are so transient,” van Aubel explains. “I wanted to grasp this magical moment in a natural way. Sunne was thus created as a self-powering light that mimics the sun's transitions, a solar-powered light designed to hang in the window.”

The product launched on Kickstarter in early March 2021, and it has already surpassed its crowdfunding goal. Visit the campaign page to pledge your support for the solar movement and reserve a Sunne solar-powered light for yourself. The finished product is anticipated to start shipping in July 2021.

Sunne is a solar-powered light that harvests the sun's energy by day and projects the warm glow of a sunset into your home by night.

Sunne Solar Powered Light Sunne Solar Powered Light Sunne Solar Powered Light

It has three illumination settings that mimic the beautiful colors visible at sunrise, during daylight, and at sunset.

Sunne Solar Powered Light Sunne Solar Powered Light Sunne Solar Powered Light

Sunne was designed by award-winning solar designer Marjan van Aubel and created with the help of a talented team based out of the Netherlands.

Sunne Solar Powered Light Sunne Solar Powered Light

Check out this video to learn more about Sunne's solar technology.

Sunne: Kickstarter | Instagram
h/t: [Design Milk]

All images via Sunne.

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