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15+ Letter Boards With Inspiring Words of Wisdom

Letterfolk Felt Letter Board

Photo: Letterfolk
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Driven by a desire to design “meaningful products inspired by simpler times,” Letterfolk creates traditional letter boards with contemporary wordsmiths in mind. In order to illustrate the relevance of the seemingly outdated tool, Letterfolk has invited happy customers to share the ways they use their boards to communicate in the digital age.

Ranging from empowering quotes to “sweet and snarky” remarks, the text transcribed on each felt letter board showcases the power of words. Much like the boards themselves, many of the photographs are minimalist in design. By featuring the product set against simple backdrops and straightforward interiors, they draw all attention to “the bold contrast of words on a Letterfolk letter board.”

Others take a more visual approach, incorporating relevant props—and even people— into the picture. This strategy culminates in photos that pair the bold text with relatable, real-life backgrounds.

Whether featuring “a single word against a sea of negative space” or a posed and perfected scene, each customer-submitted photo showcases the modern magic of the age-old letter board.

You can pick up your own board on Etsy.

With a felt letter board by Letterfolk, you can stylishly share your favorite “words of wisdom.”

Letterfolk Felt Letter Board

Photo: jen.a.bee

Letterfolk Felt Letter Board

Photo: Letterfolk

…And your best “sweet and snarky” remarks!

Letterfolk Felt Letter Board

Photo: Letterfolk

Letterfolk Felt Letter Board

Photo: fulcandles

Letterfolk: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Etsy

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