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Sleep Under the Stars at This Stunning South African Resort

As many of us bide our time with ice, snow, and unpleasant temperatures, it’s fun to daydream about exotic vacation resorts. The Lion Sands Game Reserve, located at the Sabie Sand Reserve in South Africa is the perfect escape. Here, you observe amazing wildlife like lions, hippos, and giraffes as they roam free in their natural habitat, all while staying in luxury accommodations with breath-taking views.

Lion Sands offers guests the opportunity to stay in their choice of five lodges and three tree houses, each with its own unique experience. The lodges have spacious rooms with private decks that overlook gorgeous sights such as the Sabie River and Kruger National Park. For the more adventurous traveler, the tree houses provide the opportunity to sleep under the stars. As the sun sets and the South African night comes alive, their minimal amenities (including no electricity) make you feel that you are truly one with nature.

This vast landscape is ripe for exploration, and Lion Sands provides a number safari options and guided tours based on your interest. In addition to seeing beasts roam wild, the resort includes amenities such as spa services, fine dining, and swimming pools. This stunning place with its incredible natural backdrop is no doubt a resort of our dreams.

Lion Sands Game Reserve website
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