Meticulously Stitched Embroideries Look Just Like Mossy Forest Floors

Embroidery Art of Nature by Litli Ulfur

“The Inside”

Artist Litli Ulfur uses hand embroidery as a way to explore her connection with nature. She stitches abstract landscapes made up of leafy forests and lush moss that beckons the viewer to look closer and immerse themselves in the mesmerizing textures.

The textile artist begins each piece by quieting her mind and allowing herself to be one with nature. Ulfur tries to feel the different forces at work, including scent, color, texture, sound, and taste. “What I create is influenced by stimuli, impressions, and reactions,” Ulfur explains to My Modern Met. “Being alone in nature is really important to me. It gives me space to reflect on why I do what I do and feel what I feel. I connect with my own personal world of imagination and possibilities.”

These experiences become the guide for her creative process and inspire the maze-like design of her verdant embroidery art. “My goal is to inspire others, stimulate the imagination, and draw attention to human interconnection with the world of nature and the inner world,” Ulfur says. Designing the scenes from an aerial perspective, she captures the patterns of foliage by using a variety of embroidery stitches like French knots, tufts, and areas of smooth stitches. “I don't seek literal forms,” she says, “abstraction best reflects my own perception of what I see.”

Scroll down to see more nature-inspired embroidery art by Ulfur and follow the artist on Instagram to keep up to date with her latest creations.

Textile artist Litli Ulfur creates exquisite hand embroidery that looks like lush textured forests.

Embroidery Art of Nature by Litli Ulfur

“The Inside” (detail)

Embroidery Art of Nature by Litli Ulfur


She creates each piece from an aerial perspective.

Embroidery Art of Nature by Litli Ulfur

“Connection” (detail)

Ulfur finds the unique patterns of foliage and uses different embroidery techniques to capture them.

Embroidery Art of Nature by Litli Ulfur


Embroidery Art of Nature by Litli Ulfur

“The Tide”

Litli Ulfur: Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Litli Ulfur.

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