Teen With Down’s Syndrome Sets World Record at the London Marathon


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A 19-year-old named Lloyd Martin has made history as the youngest person with Down’s syndrome to complete a marathon. The inspiring teen completed the 2024 London Marathon with a smile on his face and his mom at his side.

Born with a hole in his heart, Martin is no stranger to overcoming any adversity. Even after having surgery that removed two pins in his knees, the young marathoner remained committed to achieving this milestone. Martin’s mother, Ceri Hooper, helped him throughout this training journey. The proud mom says that the duo would run three times a week, increasing one mile at a time. And Martin was totally committed to the rigorous training involved.

Hooper recounts in a Special Olympics article: “He’s not missed a training session and has been out there running in every condition possible, whether it’s been bitterly cold or pouring with rain. He’s now reached 17 miles and is in a great place ready to add those extra miles with a month to go.”

Throughout the training process, Martin and his mom had a unique opportunity to bond with one another while exercising. The young runner has been visibly excited to train and achieve a new goal. The Surrey native's athleticism, beyond long distance running, includes feats in gymnastics and soccer. In 2023, he even earned a gold medal for vault at the British Disability Championships.

Now, crossing the finish line marked an incredibly emotional moment for this mother-son duo. Martin clocked in at 6:46:10—setting a Guinness World Record. Upon finishing, the record breaker embraced his mom and received a medal. Months of training have led up to this momentous achievement. Shortly after earning this title, Martin took a trip to Leicester Square with his mom. A surprise was unveiled to the inspiring marathoner—an advertisement board with the runner's photograph. The message on the board reads “Congratulations, Lloyd!” and acknowledges his title of youngest individual living with Down's syndrome to complete a marathon. A video capturing the moment of the big reveal shows the athlete's face is immediately lit up with a smile, as he strikes a pose in front of the billboard.

Martin states that this achievement proves that “anything is possible.” This sentiment beautifully captivates the joy that this journey has brought the marathon runner and his mom.

19-year-old Lloyd Martin became the youngest person living with Down's syndrome to complete a marathon at the 2024 London Marathon.


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The Martin and his mom (who also ran the marathon) visited Leicester Square for a special congratulations.


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Crossing the finish line was a dream come true for the young athlete.

Learn more about Martin's training journey and the special bond that he shares with his mom.

h/t: [BBC]

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