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Ingenious Little Fish Helping to Rid the World of Iron Deficiency

Before long, a little fish could help rid the world of iron deficiency. A caring Canadian named Dr. Christopher Charles came up with an ingenious solution to make sure that everyone has enough iron in their diet. It’s called Lucky Iron Fish, and using it is simple: you boil water or soup with it for at least 10 minutes, then remove it from the dish. Afterwards, add a little citrus juice for the absorption of the iron. Your food won’t taste any different, and the fish provides 75% of an adult’s daily recommended intake of iron.

Iron deficiency affects nearly 3.5 billion people worldwide, and in Cambodia, almost half of the population is iron deficient. This preventable condition can lead to health problems like anemia, weakness, compromised physical development in children, and an increased risk of illness.

The Lucky Iron Fish has already started improving the lives of others. It was introduced to several hundred villagers in one province in Cambodia. Nearly half of those who used the product were no longer anemic after 12 months. And, most importantly, people were feeling the difference. Around 2,500 families in Cambodia now have the iron supplement, and the company has distributed nearly 9,000 fishes to hospitals and non-governmental organizations.



Lucky Iron Fish website
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