Artist Copes With Lockdown Fatigue by Painting Immersive Landscapes

Immersive Landscape Paintings by Luiza Niechoda

When seeking inspiration, many artists will turn to the beauty of the natural environment. For painter Luiza Niechoda, rendering immersive oil landscapes is more than just a creative outlet though. After feeling the fatigue from the COVID-19 lockdowns, she began a series of tranquil forest paintings entitled Quiet Escape. These mesmerizing canvases gave her a way to cope with the difficulties brought on by the pandemic.

“This year was a time of uncertainty and emotional chaos,” Niechoda explains. “I’ve decided to escape from it all into the silence and peace of these atmospheric landscapes.” The ongoing series depicts various cool-toned forests and lakes that are engulfed in a thick, hazy mist. Because the stormy skies blend in with the foggy ground, the environments seem to go on forever, giving them an alluring, dreamlike quality.

Niechoda also alternates the texture within her paintings. So, while some areas are rendered by blending the colors in smooth strokes, other sections of the composition are punctuated by intentional “glitches,” where the artist adds a distinct rectangle of a similar color. These stylistic touches add intrigue to the serene environments.

You can purchase original paintings and prints of Niechoda's work via her website, and keep up to date with the artist's latest creations by following her on Instagram.

Artist Luiza Niechoda paints immersive landscapes to cope with lockdown fatigue.

Immersive Landscape Paintings by Luiza Niechoda

This ongoing series is called Quiet Escape, and depicts serene forests surrounded by mist.

Immersive Landscape Paintings by Luiza NiechodaImmersive Landscape Paintings by Luiza NiechodaImmersive Landscape Paintings by Luiza NiechodaImmersive Landscape Paintings by Luiza NiechodaImmersive Landscape Paintings by Luiza NiechodaImmersive Landscape Paintings by Luiza Niechoda

Watch this video for more insight into Niechoda's process:


Luiza Niechoda: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Luiza Niechoda.

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