This Smart Lawn Mower Can Perfectly Cut Your Yard’s Grass for You

Luba Wire Free Robot Lawnmower

The look and feel of a freshly cut lawn is so satisfying, but the work it takes to get it is not quite as appealing. That's why Mammotion has stepped in. They've created Luba, a robot lawnmower to take the hassle out of maintaining your yard. Now available on Kickstarter, the automated lawnmower is packed with features that will help keep your lawn fresh, while freeing you up to enjoy it with your family and friends.

Luba is a perimeter wire-free robot lawnmower that uses an app to set boundaries and no-mow zones. While most traditional robot mowers require you to run a boundary wire around your lawn, the Luba uses a virtual boundary. So all you need to do is walk the smart mower around the perimeter of your property one time, and it's set up. From there, you can manage the mowing via your smartphone, creating a schedule and even placing no-go zones so that Luba knows that your kid's sandbox is off limits.

Because Luba's navigation system uses RTK, it's able to move with incredible precision and will keep cutting even if the satellite signal is temporarily weak. It also uses a smart algorithm for cutting, so there's no wasted time with random cutting routes. Luba works efficiently and can even be set up for separate cutting zones with different needs.

Luba Wire Free Robot Lawnmower

And if you have a sloped lawn or difficult terrain, Luba is still able to get the job done. Thanks to its hub motor and four rugged tires, it can climb a 75% slope and cover uneven or rough terrain without getting stuck. It also comes equipped with sensors that can detect objects as small as two inches. When it detects a foreign object, Luba will stop in its tracks and turn in the other direction. So whether it's your favorite lawn ornament or your dog who runs outside, nothing will get mowed over.

With its large capacity battery, Luba is designed for big yards. It can mow up to 1,500 square meters (1,794 square yards) on a single charge, giving it the capability of mowing up to 5,000 square meters (nearly 6,000 square yards) a day. When Luba runs low on juice, it will simply return to its charging station until it reaches 85% charge. Then, it will pick up right where it left off.

Other cool features include a rain sensor and real-time anti-theft monitoring. Luba has a cutting width of 400 mm (15.7 inches) and an adjustable cutting height of 25 mm to 60 mm (1 inch to 2.4 inches), making it a great solution for a wide variety of lawn care.

With 10 days left in its Kickstarter campaign, Luba has already raised over $2.5 million. Delivery for September 2022 is still available, with a 48% off Early Bird Special of $1,200.

Luba is a robot lawnmower that can map your lawn virtually.

Luba Wire Free Robot Lawnmower

Everything is controlled through an app and you can set different cutting zones.

Luba Wire Free Robot Lawnmower


Cutting pattern algorithms make Luba more efficient than its competitors.

Luba Wire Free Robot Lawnmower

And special sensors ensure that Luba will avoid any obstacles on your lawn.

Luba Wire Free Robot Lawnmower

The Luba robot mower is currently available on Kickstarter.

Luba Wire Free Robot Lawnmower

Mammotion: Website | Facebook | Instagram

All images via Mammotion.

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