Ingenious Shower Head Attachment Lets Couples Comfortably Take Showers Together

Couple Bathing in Tandem Shower

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Whether you want to save water, share a romantic moment with a partner, or bathe in luxury, Boona's Tandem Shower might be exactly what you’re looking for. This runaway success on Kickstarter transforms any standard shower into one with water coming from both sides. The ingenious design is easy to install and keeps an even water pressure and temperature on both sides.

Invented by former Amazon engineers Brett Skaloud and Jeff Feiereisen, Tandem Shower is designed to bring a luxury upgrade to any home. It works by hooking into your existing shower arm. The hose carries water across to a second shower head, which is held in place via a tension rod. Because it doesn't require any drilling, Tandem Shower is not only easy to install but renter friendly.

So what are the benefits of Boona's invention? Anyone who has ever showered with a partner knows that it can often be a delicate dance. Who gets the hot water while the other is left in the cold? How can you maneuver without slipping and sliding? The Tandem Shower resolves all of those problems—and several others. Now, everyone can get squeaky clean at the same time, while enjoying a quiet moment together.

Boona Tandem Shower in Chrome

In addition, Tandem Shower is great for anyone whose height has made showering a nuisance. As the bar can be installed at different heights, it's easy for one showerhead to sit higher, so that no one needs to crouch down. And, of course, there are the environmental benefits. Not only does Tandem Shower use less water than two separate showers, but you also only need to heat water once—saving water and money.

Don't have a partner to shower with? Thanks to the adjustable shower heads, Tandem Shower is also a treat if you're going solo. It's possible to aim the stream of water to get what Boona calls a “warm water hug,” meaning that your front and back are immersed in warm water. Or, thanks to a valve, you can shut off the second shower head and just use it when you see fit.

Tandem Shower comes in three colors—chrome, black, and a fun Miami color scheme. While Boona recommends using their specially engineered shower heads, it can also be used with most existing shower heads—including handhelds. In the leadup to Kickstarter, Tandem Shower was used by a test group of 50 people, and the design was perfected based on their feedback.

With just a week left on Kickstarter, Tandem Shower has also been purchased by nearly 3,000 people and raised over $600,000. Right now, you can purchase Tandem Shower for $249, which is $100 off the retail price. This includes one showerhead with the option to add more during the checkout process. Estimated delivery is January 2023 to the United States and Canada only.

Tandem Shower transforms any shower into one with water coming from both sides.

Boona Tandem Shower

That means no more couple's showers with one person standing in the cold.

Couple Showering, One Person Cold

Tandem Shower is easy to install and helps save water.

Couple Under Tandem Shower

It can be installed at different heights, which makes it perfect for any couples who are a mix of tall and short.

Intimate Couple Showering Together

Not in a couple? Take a solo shower and get a luxurious “warm water hug.”

Woman Showering Under Double Shower Head

Tandem Shower: Kickstarter | Instagram | Facebook

All images via Boona.

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