Eco-Conscious Designers Create a Sleek Living Space Made Entirely of Trash

House of Trash in Milan by Miniwiz

Global innovator Miniwiz is showing how sustainable products can create a sleek, contemporary interior with the House of Trash. Located in Milan, the firm transformed a 4,300-square-foot shared office and gallery space using trash. By doing so, Miniwiz sends a clear message that there's no excuse not to use upcycled and recycled materials.

After sourcing the majority of the trash locally, it was transformed using Miniwiz upcycling technology and remanufactured locally in Europe. “There is no glue, no toxic chemical VOC, and all single post-consumer material, it means the material can be recycled again and again,” the firm tells My Modern Met. “For the first time, we feel like we have mastered our craft to a certain extent, and we are now becoming valuable to the movement of making our society sustainable and circular.”

By proving that luxurious home design is possible using closed-loop products, Miniwiz is hoping to encourage more designers to take similar risks. Food packaging, mobile phones, and fashion waste are just some of the items incorporated into the House of Trash, which was created in collaboration with Pentatonic. Homeware startup Pentatonic has been disrupting the industry with its recycled and recyclable items, such as glassware made from cracked cell phone screens. Even the artwork by acclaimed French graffiti artist Mode2, was created on recycled materials.

The House of Trash isn't open to the public, but is envisioned as a hub for creative professionals passing through Milan. The hope is that it will serve as an inspiration. “We have no more excuses to design and manufacture anything where the material is not collected from trash not using the least amount carbon footprint, least amount of toxicity,” Miniwiz firmly states.

The Taiwan-based company hopes that Milan's House of Trash is just the first of many, with plans for others in New York and Singapore in the works.

The House of Trash is a shared office space in Milan furnished with upcycled and closed-loop products.

Closed Loop Home Design by Miniwiz Closed Loop Design by Miniwiz House of Trash in Milan by Miniwiz Upcycled Home Design by Miniwiz Upcycled Home Design by Miniwiz

Taiwanese-firm Miniwiz hopes that the project will encourage designers to look for sustainable solutions in home design.

Upcycled Home Design by Miniwiz Closed Loop Home Design by Miniwiz Closed Loop Design by Miniwiz Closed Loop Design by Miniwiz

Miniwiz: Website | Facebook | YouTube 

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Miniwiz.

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