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Stunning Interior Perfectly Divided into a Half-Graffitied Room

At a quick glance, this single room looks as though it’s two separate places. But look again, and you’ll see that it’s actually the same space! Kiev-based designer Pavel Vetrov created this stunning interior scene where he split minimalist and maximalist aesthetics down the middle of a room. On one side, Vetrov applied a colorful graffiti style, while the other half is nearly colorless.

Walking into this room must be a surreal encounter. Everything, down to the bedding and geometric chandelier, is perfectly halved. It produces two different experiences. The graffitied side is a sensory overload, and every inch is covered in a dizzying amount of texture and imagery. A more tranquil space, however, is just a step away and allows you to relax and reflect.

Years ago, we marveled over the Panic Room, a hotel room created by the artist Tilt. It has a similar, awe-inspiring feel with two distinct areas that each occupy half of the space . In fact, Vetrov writes on his Behance page that he was inspired by that particular project and wanted to make something akin to it.

Pavel Vetrov Behance page
via [designboom]

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