Private Tour of the Incredible Legoland Hotel (+ Giveaway)

A few days after we wrote about the all-new Legoland Hotel in Carlsbad, California, a media relations representative from the resort emailed us, asking us if we wanted to take a private tour of their grounds. Of course, we jumped at the chance! We not only wanted to show our viewers spots we hadn't previously shot, like inside their rooms, but we also wanted to hear the hidden stories behind the hotel that was built, brick by brick, with kids in mind. What does this actually mean?


Reception Wall of 5,000 Lego Minifigures

When you first walk into the hotel, the check-in area is on your left. Behind the desk is a huge wall that looks like it's covered with Lego-themed wallpaper. Take another look and you'll notice that the all-white wall is actually displaying over 5,000 miniature Lego people or minifigures. Previously we couldn't step behind the desk, but this time we were granted permission.

Coming face to face with that many minifigures is quite overwhelming, but then our eyes were directed to a few specific places.

In one spot, there's a group of six construction men all lined up in a row, no doubt a secret nod to the people who built the hotel.

If you look closely, you'll spot the Where's Waldo? minifigure, who looks like he's holding lightsabers!

Moving back and forth in front of the wall is a large Lego sculpture of a surfer holding his surfboard and riding his red bicycle. The wheels of the bike act like magnifying glasses so those in front of the desk can make out the small details in the minifigures.


Skyline Cafe

The Skyline Cafe is a lounge or a casual place to hang out. It serves drinks and snacks throughout the day, whereas Bricks, their more formal restaurant, is only open for breakfast and dinner.

On one side of the wall is a Lego skyline that includes nine buildings and 35 different scenes, like this pool one. Each of the scenes flash on at different times. If you wait, you'll start to notice them all.

Gracing the other walls are these groups of celebrity signed stars. Every time someone like Kate Beckinsale, Hugh Jackman or Mark Wahlberg visits Legoland, the amusement park gets one of their model builders to create one of these so that the celebrities can sign one before they leave.


Bricks Family Restaurant

Bricks Family Restaurant is considered the most formal out of all the restaurants in this hotel. It's where 18 Lego chefs prepare fresh meals daily.

Inside Bricks, there's a buffet station for both adults and kids! The chefs include healthy food options and then display them at a height kids can reach.



Near the first floor elevator is this funny Legoman wearing a hazmat suit, shouting, “Hey! Was that you!” He's pointing to a Whoopee Cushion area on the carpet. Step onto that spot if you'd like to hear a funny sound.

Have you ever been inside a disco elevator? As you enter, you'll be fully immersed in the disco experience, lights, music and all.


Hallway Decor

There are three major themes running throughout the hotel: Pirate, Adventure and Kingdom. As you step outside the elevator, a Lego sculpture greets you with a loud welcome message. There are seven animated Lego models inside the hotel that are activated by motion or sound. This pirate is one of them.

The wallpaper in some of the hallways are quite decorative and feature Lego figures in the themes we mentioned before. Also, check out the carpet.

On the Pirate floor, in front of some of the doors, the carpet gives off the illusion that water is pouring out of it.

Some of the doors have two peepholes, one for the adult and one for the child. Notice the burning torch outside the room is made out of Legos.



Guests can choose between themed or premium themed rooms. Premium themed rooms are the same size as the standard ones, the only difference is that in the premium ones, there are additional Lego models inside the room and the walls are covered with themed wallpaper. The hotel has a total of 250-rooms with 51 being premium and 24 being suites. We checked out a premium.

The premium themed room can accommodate up to 5 people. It holds both a queen-sized bed, a bunk bed and a trundle bed. Every room has a separate sleeping area for up to three kids and houses their own television.

Fun fact! There are at least eight Lego models inside every room!


Scavenger Hunt

Finally, my favorite part! Inside every room is a “treasure chest” that young guests can unlock. You must solve four clues in order to get the numbers you'll need to open the safe. What's inside? A special gift from Legoland.

Legoland hotel gave us this copy of the scavenger hunt-style sheet kids can expect to find in their room.



You've made it to the end of the post! Now, we're giving away $100 worth of free Lego gear to one lucky Met member. Just leave a comment below telling us which part of the hotel you loved the most and we'll pick a winner by Friday. Good luck!

Legoland Hotel website
Photo credit: Alice Yoo

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