Ambidextrous Artist Can Draw With Both Hands and Feet All at the Same Time

Ambidexterous Artist Rajacenna von Dam Can Draw With Both Hands and Feet

Most artists spend a lifetime honing their drawing skills with their dominant hand. However, one exceptionally talented artist is able to create realistic portraits with both of her hands as well as her feet. Based in the Netherlands, 29-year-old Rajacenna van Dam has become famous for her unbelievable ambidextrous drawing abilities. And not only can she draw with both hands but she can also use both hands and feet to draw numerous projects at the same time.

In a video posted online, you can see Van Dam seated at a glass table with four sheets of paper—two are spread across on top of a desk and two are laid out on the floor beneath it. In the video, she begins sketching four portraits with her right and left hands, alternating across the different pages every so often to ensure that the illustrations progress at the same pace. Interestingly, she renders each piece upside-down to her, making it easier for the viewers to watch the magic happen, but undoubtedly adding difficulty to her multitasking. Below the see-through tabletop, Van Dam is clutching paintbrushes between the toes of both of her feet, using the tools to create large grayscale portraits. The translucency of the desk allows her to glance down every so often and follow the progress of her paintings. Right before our eyes, we can see this gifted artist produce four separate artworks at the same time.

While Van Dam was already well known for her ambidextrous skills in both of her hands, this was one of the first times she used her feet at the same time. “I love to challenge myself so I thought why not try for the first time painting with my feet while drawing in a realistic way + upside down and also one drawing in 3D,” she says. In this video alone, she creates six portraits: Bella Poarch, Harry Potter, Billie Eilish, Wonder Woman, Shakira, and Angelina Jolie. “It surprised me how much control I was able to have over my feet, something I never realized before. All that time I was drawing while I thought my feet were useless with art and now I discovered they can do way more than I thought! I think if I paint more often with my feet I can really improve. I'm of course way better with painting with hands but painting with feet was so much fun!”

You can watch Van Dam at work via her YouTube channel and Instagram account.

Dutch artist Rajacenna van Dam has incredible skill.

She is dexterous in both hands and feet.

Not only that but she can also draw with her hands and feet simultaneously.

She demonstrates how others can learn how to draw with both of their hands in this tutorial:

You can learn more about Van Dam's EEG results in this video:

Rajacenna van Dam: Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
h/t: [Laughing Squid]

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