Remote Kissing Device Lets Users Smooch Anyone Over the Internet

The world is full of strange and oddly specific gadgets, and now there’s a new one that’s taking the internet by storm. This curious—and somewhat creepy—contraption is what is being referred to as a remote kissing device. The interesting invention, which looks like a pair of disembodied human lips, is designed to allow anyone to send and receive virtual kisses that can actually be felt.

This hi-tech—albeit unusual—experience is targeted towards people in long-distance relationships who'd really like to smooch their beloved while they are far apart. All one has to do is plug in the phone attachment, which features a pair of three-dimensional silicone lips, and make out with it. The pair of lips attached to the phone on the receiving end will then imitate the sender’s kisses.

In order for it to work properly, users would need to download an app and pair their devices. Once that’s done, they can start a phone call and transmit the pressure, movements, temperature, and even noises of their kisses to the other person through the silicone lips. According to Global Times, China’s state-run newspaper, the gadget was patented by the Changzhou Vocational Institute of Mechatronic Technology, led by inventor Jiang Zhongli. “In my university, I was in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend so we only contact with each other through phone,” he explains. Jiang adds that his patent expired in January 2023 and he was hoping those interested in his creation could expand and perfect the design.

It is reported that he designed this device to promote monogamous relationships, as it can only pair up one sender and one receiver at a time while also requiring consent of both parties. However, others have pointed out that it's possible to “upload” one's kisses and download smooches from strangers to enjoy. The app also features a “kissing square” feature, a Tinder-like functionality that allows two strangers to exchange kisses if they match and like each other.

The remote kissing device is sold by the Chinese online shopping website Taobao for around 288 yuan (almost $42) each. Despite all the buzz, the device has led to polarizing reactions—some are creeped out or disgusted by it while others are excited about what it means for long-distance relationships struggling with intimacy. According to CNN, one of the buyers left a glowing review, saying, “My partner didn’t believe that (remote) kissing could be achieved at first, so her jaw dropped when she used it … This is the best surprise I have given her during our long-distance relationship.”

Chinese inventor Jiang Zhongli has created a remote kissing device intended for people in long-distance relationships to send each other virtual kisses they can actually feel.

the taobao kissing device being used by a woman and a man

Photo: Screenshot from Reddit

h/t: [CNN]

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