This Device Will Verify if You Actually LOL’d at Your Friend’s Joke

LOL Verifier device by Brian Moore

Initialism, aka the abbreviation of letters, is common speak on the internet. But, it might not always be the most accurate. Otherwise, the early 2010s would have been plagued with thousands of people actually rolling on the floor, hysterically laughing. Although it’s not required to follow the internet slang you use to a T, hilarious inventor Brian Moore plans on changing that.

Moore has created the LOL Verifier, a device that allows you to say you’re LOLing only if you are truly laughing out loud. It’s a small plastic device that sits beside your computer’s keyboard, looking at what you’re typing and listening to verify if you’re being honest. If you type “LOL” and the LOL Verifier hears a chuckle, it will automatically add a verification note to your message and let you carry on. If you don’t laugh, it will replace your deceitful acronym with an alternative phrase that gets the point across, like, “That’s funny.”

The tiny device was carefully crafted with plastic, silicon, microcontrollers, and an LED light that glows green or red, depending on if a chortle was let out or not. Moore recorded more than 100 different laughs for the machine’s learning algorithm, giving it the perfect base to detect whether or not Moore laughed. So while the device may not accurately detect laughter for other users, it’s still a great gag that provided a lot of TikTok users with a good laugh. With nearly a million views and over 100,000 likes, it seems there could be a consumer base for his goofy gadget.

Moore describes the intention behind his invention as, “Bringing authenticity to the least authentic place: the internet.” He also teased his next big concept: the LMAO verifier. Let’s hope that one won’t hit the market anytime soon.

Hilarious inventor Brian Moore has created the LOL Verifier, a small device that will only let you type LOL if you are actually laughing out loud.

@lanewinfield LOL Verifier: a device that only lets you type lol if you’ve truly laughed out loud. #lol #hardware #lolverifier #dumbtechnology #keyboard ♬ original sound – Brian Moore

Brian Moore: Website | Instagram | TikTok
h/t: [Laughing Squid]

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