Floating Color-Changing Cloud Lamps That Sync to Your Music

Brighten up your home with this Interactive Cloud lamp—a fluffy cumulous cloud with hidden LED lights that sync to your music. Designed by Richard Clarkson Studio, Interactive Cloud comes in a range of sizes and functions. Suspend it from the ceiling or group multiple clouds together to recreate the sky indoors. Wherever it is displayed, Interactive Cloud unites light and sound for a stunning effect.

The studio writes, “There is something magical about clouds, the way they float & glide across the sky, their drastic transformation from wispy and ethereal to dramatic and powerful.” Each Interactive Cloud lamp embodies this ephemeral ethos in its ever-changing light. For those who prefer a natural look, the white light of the lamp's ambient mode illuminates the cloud like a full moon at night. When enjoying music, the LED lights sync to each song for a colorful private light show.

Each lamp comes in one of four sizes—tiny, small, medium, and large. The medium cloud size is also available as a speaker—all you need for an at-home concert is in the cloud. The best part is that the Interactive Cloud lamp is only one element of the Cloud collection by Richard Clarkson Studios. The other designs are just as show-stopping. The Lampshade Cloud comes in a variety of sizes for hanging and standing light fixtures. The Floating Cloud is an LED tabletop lamp which actually floats through magnetic levitation. Inspired by Alexander Calder's perfectly calibrated sculptures, the Cloud Mobile is described as “equal parts art object and functional lamp.”

Though this collection falls on the pricier end of contemporary lighting (prices start at $480), each Cloud lamp takes home decor to new heights. Visit Richard Clarkson Studio's website to check out the entirety of the Cloud collection and to learn more about each of the designs.

Richard Clarkson Studio designs fluffy cumulous cloud lighting that comes in different shapes, sizes, and functions.

The Interactive Cloud lamp is an LED lamp which syncs to your music with a colorful light display.

The Cloud collection of lights, lampshades, and mobiles are whimsical, enchanting, and ephemeral—just like real clouds.

The Floating Cloud lamp uses magnetic levitation to hover magically above a platform.

Perfect for your home, the Cloud collection can also be seen in public places. These pieces serve as both lighting and art.

Clouds Oakland Airport

Richard Clarkson Studio clouds in the Oakland Airport. (Photo: Richard Clarkson Studio)

Richard Clarkson Studio: Website | Instagram | Facebook

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Richard Clarkson Studio.

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