Designer Creatively Wraps Gifts to Look Like Grocery Store Packaging

Bored with the typical supplies she'd been using in the past, graphic designer Sheila Wong decided to creatively upgrade her gift-wrapping presentation. To make things interesting, the artist created her own grocery store-themed wrapping paper on Illustrator, making for a hilariously unusual offering. Each wrapped gift has wound up looking like a different grocery list item thanks to her clever packaging. One looks like butter, another mimics a slab of steak contained in styrofoam, and there's even a box of what appears to be wheat-free, vegan donuts. “I've tried to wrap our holiday gifts in unusual ways, just to mix things up a bit,” Wong explains. “It's fun because the reactions I usually get are, ‘What the f#$% is that?!' or ‘I need to know what's in this!'”

The artist had some yellow construction paper lying around when she decided to get creative with her present wrapping. The golden hue reminded her of butter, which is what sparked the inspiration for this fun theme. Wong elected to design her own market logo for each package, which she used in place of cards and labels. Not only is this an amazing idea for people who find gift-wrapping to be a challenge, it also makes for a hilariously creative packaging technique to put a smile on the receiver's face before s/he ever even opens up the present.

Sheila W: Reddit | Imgur | Instagram | Etsy
via [Pleated-Jeans, Upvoted]

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