These Incredible Contest Winning Photos Capture the Breathtaking Beauty of Sea Views

Beam Trawlers Landing At The Fish Market in Cornwall

“Beam Trawlers Landing To The Fish Market At Night” by Laurence Hartwell. Taken in Newlyn, Cornwall. Overall winner.

Since 1839, the UK's Shipwrecked Mariners' Society has provided assistance to fishermen and mariners in hardship. And through their annual photo contest, they also shine a light on the beauty of the sea and the men and women who make their living from these waters. The organization has just announced the winners of its eighth annual contest, which attracted more entries than ever.

Over 2,000 entries were submitted to the competition, which is broken down into four categories. These images capture everything from the fishing industry to shipwrecks to memorable coastal views. This year's winner, Laurence Hartwell, took home the top prize for his evocative photo of beam trawlers at a fish market. As the sun sets, the trawlers' lights illuminate the dock while they offload their catch. For his efforts, Hartwell won a £500 ($646) voucher for photography equipment.

This look at the fishing industry is contrasted with some of the other category winners. This includes Caroline Walker's spectacular photograph of a wave dramatically slamming into the Heugh breakwater. The winning images also take a look at how people—and animals—interact with the sea. The top photograph in the People & Recreation category shows a lone paddleboarder on clear, calm waters, while the highly commended photo shows just how much fun dogs can have in the water.

Altogether, the collective group of winners and highly commended photos show the complex and beautiful ways in which our seas provide opportunities for work and play.

See more winning sea views from the Shipwrecked Mariners' Society's photo contest.

Splashing Wave in Durham

“Heugh Breakwater” by Caroline Walker. Taken in Hartlepool, County Durham. Winner, Coastal Views

Paddle Boarder on Calm Waters

“Into the Mist” by Katie Vincent. Taken in Lancing, West Sussex. Winner, People & Recreation.

Startpoint Lighthouse Devon

“Startpoint Lighthouse Devon” by Liam Holley. High Commended, Coastal Views.

Captain Posting in Front of His Rescue Boat

“Mylor Harbour” by Ian Butler. Taken in Mylor, Cornwall. Winner, Ships & Wrecks.

Black and White Dog Running Through the Water on the Beach

“Findhorn Beach” by Thomas Salway. High Commended, People & Recreation.

RNLI Cromer lifeboat launch

“To The Rescue” by Stephen Duncombe. Taken in Cromer, Norfolk. Winner, Industry.

Old Shipwreck on the East Kent Marshes

“Under The Stars” by David Jenner. Highly Commended, Ships & Wrecks.

Fishing Boats Bringing Back Their Catch

“Bringing In The Catch” by George Hodgson. Highly Commended, Industry.

Shipwrecked Mariners' Society: Website | Facebook | Twitter

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by the Shipwrecked Mariners' Society.

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