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Tattoo Artist Uses Dotwork to Beautifully Illustrate Surreal Storybook Scenes

Susanne König Fairytale Tattoos

Hamburg-based tattoo artist Susanne König illustrates surreal fairy tale scenes and whimsical characters using a gorgeous combination of blackwork and dot-work. Just like drawings from children’s storybooks, each piece is equally adorable as it is humorous. Her illustrative style depicts personified animals, collage-like hybrid creatures, and magical landscapes.

König‘s intricate technique requires a steady hand and the utmost patience to build up each piece, dot-by-dot. The monochrome palette makes them the perfect style for hardcore minimalists with a soft side.

If you’re not quite ready for vibrating needles, König also sells her illustrations as prints via her website.

Check out Susanne König’s surreal dotwork tattoos.

Susanne König: Website | Instagram
h/t: [So Super Awesome]

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