Iridescent Circular Artwork Perfectly Captures the Energy and Rhythm of Modern Cities

Intersections Painting by Thomas Canto

“Intersections,” 2022. Polyurethane paint, silver plating, stainless steel.

Skyscrapers, clean lines, and planes of glass are just some of the things that come to mind when imagining a city. French artist Thomas Canto merges all of these traits into his latest artwork to convey the energy and rhythm of modern metropolises. Titled Intersections, this opalescent piece depicts an abstract representation of urban spaces as a living entity.

To create this dynamic work, Canto utilized a blend of materials, including laser-cut fiber, paint, and silver plating. As a result, Intersections possesses a three-dimensional and opalescent quality reminiscent of its original inspiration. The top metallic layer, for instance, features numerous geometric cutouts and lines, which resemble the sleek designs of contemporary architecture. Through the perforations, we are able to see an iridescent blue-and-pink layer—perhaps intended to be a reflection of the sky. “By freeing himself from the traditional framework that is the canvas, the artist integrates the dimension of temporality in a different way,” Canto’s artist statement explains. “He combines spatial reordering and temporal reordering, drawing inspiration from the interior and exterior spaces that he associates with.”

Intersections is part of Canto's ongoing series Structural Reflections, which explores cities through abstract interpretations. “These works present a vision of infinite rhythms, perspective, and visual harmony,” the project statement explains. “These are sensations that anyone can feel when experimenting with the geometric constructions that constitute the megalopolises of the whole world.” Instead of proffering a still image of urban spaces, Intersections portrays a layered view that pulsates with the same energy one would feel walking in a busy downtown area.

You can purchase signed and numbered editions of Intersections for HK$19,900 (US$2,535) via Artport, and find more available art for purchase at Canto's online shop. To see some of the artist’s other work in person, he currently has a solo show called Etherealities at Volery Gallery in Dubai. And to keep up to date with his latest projects, you can follow Canto on Instagram.

French artist Thomas Canto explores the visual rhythm of cities in his latest work, Intersections.

Intersections Painting by Thomas Canto

Made from polyurethane paint, silver plating, and stainless steel, this mesmerizing circular piece features numerous geometric shapes and lines.

Intersections Painting by Thomas Canto

These striking effects resemble the sleek architecture of modern cities.

Intersections Painting by Thomas Canto

Thomas Canto: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Thomas Canto.

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