Watch a Tiny Kitten Named Pinky Adorably “Attack” a Man’s Ear


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A one-month-old kitten named Pinky has garnered over 4.5 million views (and counting) on Youtube for her adorable nibbling. In the viral video, Pinky is nestled in between the head of a “stern man,” and a pillow, playfully biting his ear and kneading him. The sweet cat takes breaks from endearingly “attacking” him to clean off her paws and rest her eyes. She also curiously paws at the camera, providing audiences with an adorably up-close view of the kitten.

Pinky is one of many British shorthair kittens raised by a Ukrainian cat breeder named Irina. Pinky was first introduced to the internet in a video posted on August 6, 2022, as the only surviving kitten of a cat named Melania. Fans flocked to another video posted in late August of Melania bathing Pinky, commenting about how sweet it is that Pinky’s momma takes great care of her and how “fluffy-ing cute” the kitten is.

All of Irina’s cats have beautiful golden/orange and white coats with big eyes and squishable faces, making them very popular online. Their Youtube channel, Teddy Kittens, boasts over 1.5 million subscribers, and their Instagram account has over 20,000 followers. Irina says her cats find their homes in different countries, such as Italy, Canada, Thailand, and the U.S.

Sadly, as a child, Irina had horrible allergies to cats. She said her allergies “tormented” her so much that it forced her family to give away all of their cats. Irina admits that she is still allergic to the adorable animals, but that her “love for cats is stronger,” and she “cannot live without them.” Now, thankfully, her allergies mostly do not bother her anymore.

With her allergies almost eradicated, Irina dedicates her time to raising the adorable kittens and capturing their cuteness. She posts a lot of videos so that all of their fans can “smile more and be overloaded with cuteness.”

Many viewers share how thankful they are for the darling kittens, like one fan who was having a bad day after work. They commented, “And I watched this and I feel better. So much sweetness and that baby has a home and is so loved and safe. Thank you for posting this.”

Look below to see why everyone adores Pinky.

A tiny kitten named Pinky melted the hearts of over 4.5 million people on Youtube for this video of her adorably nibbling on someone’s ear.

Pinky is one of many shorthair kittens raised by a Ukrainian cat breeder named Irina.


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A post shared by Irina (@_teddy_kittens_)

Pinky was introduced to the world in this sweet video of her and her mom, Melania.

It's no wonder this sweet kitten has many adoring fans.


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A post shared by Irina (@_teddy_kittens_)

Teddy Kittens: Instagram | Youtube
h/t: [Animal Channel]

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