20+ Traditional Wedding Outfits from Around the World

Sri Lanka

Traditional Wedding Outfits Traditional Wedding Dress Traditional Wedding Dresses

Photo: Peter van der Sluijs via Wikimedia Commons

A Sri Lankan bride will wear a sari and a Nalapata headpiece. The groom will wear a 4-cornered hat, a velvet jacket, and a mul anduma, a long, white cloth wrapped around his waist.



Traditional Hawaiian Wedding

Photo credit: Leo A.Both brides and grooms in Hawaii wear colorful leis around their necks. Additionally, wives-to-be usually wear long, white dresses, while grooms typically wear loose white shirts and matching slacks.



In Scotland, a groom will customarily wear a kilt, topped with a jacket, shirt, and tie. To make up for his lack of pockets, he'll also sport a sporran, or pouch.



In Nigeria, brides and grooms often wear color-coordinated wedding outfits. A traditional bride will wear a gele wrapped around her head, while a groom will sport a fila abeti aja, or a “dog-eared” cloth cap.



Antico Sposalizio Selargino 2013.

In Sardinia, a bride seeking to emulate traditional folk dress will wear an elaborate dress, velvet jacket, and a long veil.


South Korea

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In South Korea, couples wear traditional outfits referred to as hanbok. The bride's hanbok includes a wrap-around skirt and a short jacket with long sleeves (known as a chima-jeogori). The groom's hanbok is composed of a short jacket (durumagi) and roomy pants (baji).



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Though many brides in Norway opt for modern, white wedding dresses, many still wear bunads, or traditional folk dresses.




The nomadic Gorani people, who are Slavic Muslims, used to spend an entire week to celebrate a wedding, but now it's said to last only about 3 days. In that time, various traditional celebrations that revolve around “ethnic identity.”



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Brides and grooms in traditional Mongolian weddings wear what's called a “deel.” Though there are deels for everyday wear, these custom garbs, worn since centuries ago, are typically reserved for weddings and holidays.


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