Boyfriend Films Girlfriend With Ring Hiding in Plain Sight for Weeks Before Finally Proposing to Her

man hiding engagement ring

Photo: HayDmitriy/Depositphotos (Not the actual couple.)

For those planning to propose to a partner, the element of surprise is often key. From discreetly measuring their beau's finger to coming up with a sweet setup without them noticing, it can be tricky to put it all together in secret. However, others seem to enjoy the thrill. For example, TikToker Eden Scaife recently got engaged. While she had no idea her now-fiancé would pop the question, she shared a video of him cheekily showing off the ring several times, completely unbeknownst to her even though she was in frame.

The TikTok posted by Scaife begins with her partner proposing on the beach. “Me being surprised when he proposed,” she captions the first part of the video. The story then takes a hilarious turn, as her boyfriend foreshadowed the moment for a long time. A quick succession of clips shows him getting the ring on camera, hiding it from her in a bunch of clever ways. For example, during a hiking trip, he conceals it behind a coffee cup as she walks ahead.

As the video progresses, the stakes increase. He takes a video in selfie mode with her. Making a peace sign, he holds the ring in one of his fingers. “I looked straight at the camera and didn’t see it,” she recalls. He even goes as far as placing it on her hair bun while she is crouched to check her car's tires. “Because proposing apparently wasn’t stressful enough for him,” Scaife adds.

Of course, when her partner finally proposed, Scaife said yes. With a little luck, this funny video will be a cherished moment for the happy couple in the years to come. It'll also be a testament to her future husband's love for an adrenaline rush.

TikToker Eden Scaife had no idea her now-fiancé would propose, but she shared a video of him showing off the ring several times while she was in frame…and she never noticed.

@edenscaifeBecause proposing apparently wasn’t stressful enough for him♬ Careless Cbat – There I Ruined It

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