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Photographer Creates DSLR Costume That’s a Fully Functioning Camera

DSLR camera costume that works as it should. from r/interestingasfuck

Recently, photography fans have been reimagining ordinary objects as fully functioning cameras. This developing trend has resulted in a range of amazing inventions, including a “Caravan Camera,” a LEGO Hasselblad, and, thanks to photographer Yohei Shimada (also known as the “cameraaman“), a clever costume that doubles as a digital camera.

Designed to look like a Canon DSLR, this eye-catching getup showcases two of Shimada’s strong suits: photography and creativity. True to life, his camera costume features a working shutter-release button. When pressed, this activates the camera’s flash, captures a digital photograph, and displays the image on the gizmo’s larger-than-life display screen.

Last year, Shimada attended Halloween festivities in Osaka’s Amerikamura, or “American Village,” where he dazzled and documented passersby with his picture-perfect ensemble. You can see all of the festive photographs—and keep up with “cameraaman’s” whereabouts—on Shimada’s Instagram.

If you like creative Halloween costumes, you’ll love Yohei Shimada’s picture-perfect get-up.

This eye-catching camera costume functions as a real DSLR.

Talk about a camera-ready costume!


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