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Life-Size Metal Sculptures Made of Thousands of Chinese Calligraphy Characters

Currently based in Beijing, contemporary artist Zheng Lu has risen to prominence in recent years for his innovative installations that explore the combination of sculptural material with Chinese classicism and traditional calligraphy. Trained in fine arts, the artist's academics have primarily focused on sculpture, however his passion for Chinese classics has motivated him to break from the typical boundaries of sculpture and form a unique, contemporary style of his own.

Lu, who has had multiple exhibitions featured throughout China and Hong Kong, grew up in a literary family that placed a strong emphasis on Chinese intellectual learnings. His father made him take up the art of calligraphy when he was still quite young, and the artist masterfully merges these skills with a talent for sculpting, creating metal figures carved into thousands of Chinese characters. His detailed sculptures contain bits of Chinese poetry and classical religious teachings, incorporating a sense of serenity and peace into each of his figures. The combination of written word with visual art lends a distinctive aesthetic appeal to his collections, as well as an intellectual substance that sets him apart from other sculptors.

We have previously featured Lu on the Met, and it is always inspiring to watch an artist continue to grow and develop his art.

Above: The Release of all Beings from Suffering, is all Beings Releasing



Impressions of Hongren's Landscape

Water in Dripping No.1

Water in Dripping– Dancing

The Goddess of Luo River

Water in Dripping No.12

If I Suddenly

Water in Dripping– Splashing

Water Dragon Chant

The Craggy and the Billowing

Zheng Lu: Website

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