March 9, 2017

Adorable Violet Chinchillas Look Like Perfect Circles from Behind

Chinchillas are a small rodent species lauded for their adorable fluffiness, but Cameron Holmes of Cameron’s Chinchillas has a pack whose cuteness is off the charts. It’s all thanks to their perfectly round butts that resemble a giant dust ball or one of the Soot Sprites from the animated classic, Spirited Away. This particular breed is called violet chinchillas, and they get their name from the purple-tinge to their fur.

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February 26, 2017

Vintage Booklet Teaches People How to Use a Telephone

It's hard to remember a time when telephones didn't exist, but this hilarious etiquette booklet from 1951 reminds us that there was a time when they needed an instruction manual. Published by Bell Telephone System, The Telephone and How We Use It was intended as a beginner's guide on all things telephone. Funnily enough, there's still some good advice to remember even in our digital age.

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February 15, 2017

‘Boyfriends of Instagram’ Reveals the Reliable Guys Behind the Flawless Photos

Crafting the perfect Instagram photo is hard. You’ve got to worry about the little things—like your hair, clothing, and compositional framing—all while looking like you’re not actually posing. As Thailand-based photographer Chompoo Baritone showed us, it takes a village to create one of these portraits. In her series #slowlife, she zoomed out of the tight Instagram frame to show a less-than-flawless scene.

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February 3, 2017

Real-Life ‘Animal Whisperer’ Takes the Best Selfies with Wild Animals

In 2015, we were amazed by the furry friendships and selfie-taking skills of Auckland-based adventurer Allan Dixon. Known as “the animal whisperer,” Dixon has made a name for himself as a modern-day Dr. Doolittle—though, instead of specializing in taking care of cuddly creatures, his expertise lies in posing with them. Like many social media users, Dixon often posts selfies on his Facebook and Instagram accounts. Unlike most self-shot snaps, however, Dixon's photos usually feature some unusual co-stars.

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