July 27, 2017

What If Famous Faces from Iconic Paintings Invaded Pop Culture

Artist Dan Cretu has put a pop culture twist on the trend of transforming age-old masterworks into modern works of art. In his most recent series, he combines 21st century subject matter with classic iconography, culminating in a clever and quirky collection of photographs. Like Cretu's silly signature projects, this humorous series conveys his longterm interest in creating composites. Unlike his older works, however, these pieces showcase not only his artistic talents, but his knowledge of art history.

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July 19, 2017

Creative Mom Dresses Up in Amazing Cosplay to Represent Older Women Characters

Proving that costumes aren't just for kids, Solange Amorim, or Tia sol, has taken dress-up to another level. The Brazil-based mom enjoys attending local cosplay events, where she wows young and old attendees alike with her spot-on pop culture costumes. Tia sol crafts each eccentric ensemble using separate articles purchased online, which she creatively pieces together into amazingly accurate get-ups. With a preference for cartoon cosplay, she cleverly chooses characters not often represented by younger costume enthusiasts.

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July 10, 2017

People Are Using Real Fruit Slices as a Quirky “Watermelon Dress” for Summer

In the midst of summer heatwaves, few things are as refreshing as biting into a juicy watermelon. The cut fruit is often on the menu at cookouts, but it turns out there’s more than one way to enjoy this tasty treat. Thanks to a charming summer trend, people are creating optical illusion dresses out of real watermelon and rocking them appropriately—without ever trying them on.

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