June 7, 2022

Japanese Artist Makes Epic Suit of Armor Out of Traffic Cones

Japanese artist Kami Robo is known for his robot-themed art and his unconventional robot sculptures that he makes out of just about anything. In the past, he’s created everything from a rubber duck robot to a bionic Christmas tree star. And now, he’s made an eye-catching plastic suit of armor out of traffic cones.

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May 20, 2022

Legendary Photoshop “Troll” Has the Funniest Fixes for People’s Photos

There’s the old internet adage, “don’t feed the trolls,” and that is generally great advice. But if you have the chance to cross the “Photoshop troll” (aka James Fridman), don’t miss the opportunity. The designer purports to “fix” people's photos, and their requests are pretty standard, like removing the hair from someone's face. Fridman fulfills their requests, but it’s just not in the way you’d expect.

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May 13, 2022

Funny-Looking Cat With Giant Saucer Eyes Becomes the Mayor of Hell, Michigan

A rather odd-looking black cat, famous on social media for her huge yellow eyes and duck-footed paws, was the mayor of Hell for a day. Let me explain. For $100, anyone can become the mayor of Hell, Michigan, a small town northwest of Ann Arbor, and, on April 24, the town had its first feline ruler. The cat's name is Jinx, and she lives in California with her owner, Mia, who rescued her in 2018.

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