August 22, 2022

These Early Entries From the 2022 Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards Are a Hoot

There's only a short time left to enter the 2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, but if these early entries are any indication, the competition is already heating up. Professional and amateur photographers have until September 1, 2022 to enter their humorous images of wildlife around the world into the annual contest. Whether it's an image of baby animals being silly or an adult making funny faces, these goofy photos show a lighter side of nature.

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August 16, 2022

News Anchor Couple Turns Parenting Into a Funny Live News Report About Diaper Duty

Having a child is big news. So, who is better qualified to give a “report” on what it's like having a baby than two news anchor pros? Jeannette Reyes and Robert Burton—two anchors based in Washington, D.C.—made a parody news show with their newborn daughter. Narrated with the same inflection and seriousness as a typical broadcast, this funny video has already garnered over 10 million views on Twitter.

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August 8, 2022

Scientist Admits His “Distant Star” Photo Is Actually Just a Slice of Chorizo

Since the James Webb Space Telescope has started releasing images, the world has been on edge, waiting to see what it will capture next. So, on July 31, when French scientist Etienne Klein tweeted a new image from the telescope, the internet went wild with excitement. Described by Klein as a photo of the Proxima Centauri, it was retweeted thousands of times by people excited to see a new view of the universe.

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July 22, 2022

Emmanuel Is Now the Most Famous Emu in the World for Knocking Over the Camera Every Time His Owner Is Filming

Humans aren't the only ones drawn to the spotlight. Sometimes animals want time on camera, too. In fact, a certain emu who goes by the name Emmanuel has gone viral on TikTok for stealing the spotlight from his owner Taylor Blake in a series of hilarious videos. Blake and Emmanel both live at Knuckle Bump Farms, a mini cow hobby farm in South Florida.

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