May 7, 2021

Teenager Accidentally Moves Into Senior Living Complex, But Now Loves Her New Neighborhood

No matter how much you do your research, there’s always a certain level of uncertainty about moving to a new neighborhood. This couldn't be more true for 19-year-old Madison Kohout—she never expected to find herself living in the community she accidentally ended up in. When she was moving from Oklahoma to Arkansas, she was searching for an affordable two-bedroom apartment to call home.

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April 20, 2021

Artist Creates Funny Travel Posters for National Parks Based on Their Bad Reviews

America’s National Parks are famous for their natural beauty, but not everyone gets the hype. In fact, some less “outdoorsy” types have even gone to the trouble of leaving bad reviews of their experiences. When discovering the snarky comments online, designer Amber Share decided to create a series of hilarious travel posters featuring their remarks, titled Subpar Parks.

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March 31, 2021

Container Ship That Was the Blocking Suez Canal Stays Stuck in Microsoft Flight Simulator

It is very rare that the world becomes so hyper-focused on one event in the news, especially when that event concerns the global supply chain. When it comes to buying things online, we usually just order our packages and anxiously await their arrival. Rarely do we actually pay attention to where that item is coming from, nor do we imagine the complex trade routes it might have to traverse along its journey to our doorstep.

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