American Airlines Pilot Schools Passengers on Respectful Flight Etiquette

American Airlines Plane

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These days, horror stories about flying are more common than ever. Whether it's rowdy passengers who were overserved to entitled travelers putting their bare feet on the armrest, traveling isn't easy when people aren't using common courtesy. And, apparently, one American Airlines pilot has had enough.

An Instagram video shared by comedy writer Anna Leah Maltezos includes an unusual announcement by the pilot. Not only does he remind passengers to respect the flight attendants, but he also clearly states that they must respect each other. And he doesn’t mince words.

“Be nice to each other,” the pilot says in the clip. “Be respectful to each other. I shouldn’t have to say that. You people should treat people the way you want to be treated. But I have to say it every single flight because people don’t. And they’re selfish and rude and we won’t have it.”

His frank demeanor caught some people off guard. As passengers begin to murmur, one woman can be heard saying, “What is going on?”

The pilot then went on to tackle many of the common issues that most frequent fliers have faced, including keeping carry-ons out of people's way.

Interior view of passengers in the cabin of a plane

Photo: stockfoto-graf/Depositphotos

“Put your junk where it belongs,” he lectured. “Everybody paid for a space. Don’t lean on other people. Don’t fall asleep on other people. Don’t drool on them unless you’ve talked about it, and they have a weather-resistant jacket.”

But his talk didn't end there. He specifically called out people who listen to videos or make calls on speakerphone, stating that “the social experiment” is over.

“Over and done in this country. Nobody wants to hear your video. I know you think it’s super sweet. It probably is, but it’s your business, right? So keep it to yourself. Use your AirPods, use your headphones, whatever it is. That’s your business, okay? It’s just part of being in a respectful society.”

He ended things with a nice gift for anyone stuck in a middle seat, stating that “you own both armrests.” And with that, he welcomed everyone aboard the flight.

The video, which has over 5.7 million views, has sparked a debate in the comments section. Most frequent travelers seem to applaud the pilot's actions, stating that they're necessary and long overdue. Others point out that it's sad that such a speech is even necessary. One commenter stated, “It's unfortunate, that because of today's culture, this pilot had to make an announcement of that magnitude. I commend him, kindness and consideration for others is becoming a lost art. We can all do better.”

What do you think of the pilot's speech? Do you applaud his bold move or feel that the lecture was unnecessary?

Hear this American Airlines pilot's announcement about respect and proper flight etiquette.


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