13 Interactive Cat Toys That Will Keep Your Kitty Curious and Engaged

Interactive Cat Toys For A Smart Kitty

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You keep your cat healthy in so many ways—vet checkups, healthy food, and lots of love. To keep your pet in their best form, you also need to engage their mind. Indoor furry friends can become bored. By instinct, cats love to scratch, stalk, and pounce—just like their larger wild brethren. Felines get bored, which can manifest in a depressed, destructive, or aggressive kitty. Read on to learn more about why it is important to keep your kitty's brain engaged and to find the best cat toys for your pet.


Why are interactive toys important for your cat?

Interactive Cat Toys For Your Pet

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Interactive toys play to a cat's instinct. Here are some of the reasons that investing in dynamic toys will help keep your cat happy and engaged.


Cats Love the Hunt

Cats are natural hunters. Their agility, stalking abilities, and sharp claws are ideally suited for catching mice. The philosophy behind most interactive cat toys is to mimic this exciting activity (with no mice injured).

Perhaps take a feathery toy on a string and twitch it as if it is alive. Interested cats will stalk this “prey.” To make their hunt more fun, you can give them objects to hide behind as they approach. Another tip: keep your kitty interested with smaller toys (as long as they are not small enough to choke on). Just make sure to not leave wand toys anywhere your cat could get tangled while you are not paying attention.


Look to High Ground

As hunters, cats love to be up high with good views of their surroundings. This also makes them feel safer and in control. Cat trees and condos offer this advantage. Many also come with strings to chase, hammocks to cuddle up in, and scratching poles to dull your little predator's claws.

Cats will also be happy with cozy blankets placed on stable, safe surfaces such as chairs and desks. You can even buy cat walkways specifically for your walls. Whatever you do, make sure you have a scratching post or board. Cats need an opportunity to destress, mark their territory, and dull their claws.

You can score feline bonus points for high perches with outdoor views. Watching birds, people, and other movement is engaging for your cat and will keep them entertained. Is there nothing going on outside? An app can help entertain your pet. Kitty-proof your tablet and watch your cat bat as fancy fish swim by.


Play is Time Well Spent

Ultimately, any time spent playing with your kitty will help liven up her life. You will also be forging a deeper bond between you both to last a lifetime.


The Best Cat Toys For Your Kitty

Best Cat Toys

Photo: Stock Photos from KDDESIGNPHOTO/Shutterstock

From a kitty wheel to puzzle boxes, these toys are sure to keep your cat a curious one.


Puzzle Slow Feeder

Ito Rocky Slow Feeder Puzzle

Ito Rocky | $27.99


One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel


Puzzle and Play


Textured Cactus Cat Scratcher

Cactus Cat Scratcher

PAWZ Road Store | $29.99+


SmartyKat Hot Pursuit

SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Motion Toy

SmartyKat | $11.26


Automated Laser Toy

Pet Safe Laser Toy

PetSafe Store | $18.95


Trixie Mad Scientist Activity

Trixie | $16.99


Feather Pop and Play

Electronic Feather Pop and Play Cat Toy

PETVIA Store | $19.99


Interactive Food Digger

Interactive Cat Digger

Catit | $14.99


Electric Flopping Fish

Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish

Potaroma | $11.99


Grass Patch Hunting and Play Box


Kitty Kong

Kitty Kong

Kong | $14


Interactive Treat Maze

Cat Amazing Toy Treat Maze

Cat Amazing | $15.83


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