Best of 2016: Top 50 Photographs From Around the World

best photos 2016

Over the last year, we’ve shared some of the best photos from all across the world. As 2016 winds down, we’re compelled to take a look back at the past 12 months and revisit the best of the best. With countless photographers constantly documenting every corner of the world, we’ve had a great year for a wide variety of stunning images. That includes everything from breathtaking landscapes and poetic portraits to heartwarming scenes and unforgettable moments.

It’s been difficult to choose, but we’ve compiled a list of 50 breathtaking examples. Each one caught our attention and earned a spot in remembering 2016 for what it was. It may have been a year filled with political discourse, laced with issues concerning social and cultural equality, but photography can help us unlock the many layers that define a year. Looking back at the past 12 months, we’ve had a wonderful abundance of celebration, heartwarming encounters, natural awe, and delightful moments of happenstance.

best photos nicholas steinberg

Photo credit: Nicholas Steinberg

best photos darian volkova

Photo credit: Darian Volkova

best photos anthony lau

Photo credit: Anthony Lau

best photos laura zalenga

Photo credit: Laura Zalenga

best photo hiroki inoue

Photo credit: Hiroki Inoue

best photos alexandra bochkareva

Photo credit: Alexandra Bochkareva

best photos anne geier

Photo credit: Anne Geier

best photos jess findlay

Photo credit: Jess Findlay

best photos alex bolen rainbow baby

Photo credit: Alex Bolen

best photos casey christopher

Photo credit: Casey Christopher

best photos audun rikardsen

Photo credit: Audun Rikardsen

best photos danny yen sin wong

Photo credit: Danny Yen Sin Wong

best photos mike mezeul

Photo credit: Mike Mezeul II

best photos lorenz holder

Photo credit: Lorenz Holder

best photos Francesco Cattuto drone 2016

Photo credit: Francesco Cattuto

best photos sergey polyushko

Photo credit: Sergey Polyushko

best photos vadim stein

Photo credit: Vadim Stein

best photos pete souza white house obama 2016

Photo credit: Pete Souza

best photos kacper kowalski

Photo credit: Kacper Kowalski

best photos mike kelley

Photo credit: Mike Kelley

best photos peter adams shawn ringscapes

Photo credit: Peter Adams Shawn

best photos elia locardi

Photo credit: Elia Locardi

best photos brandon li

Photo credit: Brandon Li

best photos nyc dance project

Photo credit: NYC Dance Project

best photos anup shah the mara

Photo credit: Anup Shah

best photos christian vieler

Photo credit: Christian Vieler

best photos gabriel Scanu

Photo credit: Gabriel Scanu

best photos

Photo credit: Takeshi Marumoto

best photos rania mater

Photo credit: Rania Mater

best photos ben youssef

Photo credit: Ben Youssef

best photos omar z. robles

Photo credit: Omar Robles

best photos mark cowan caimain butterflies

Photo credit: Mark Cowan

best photos tamara lischka

Photo credit: Tamara Lischka

best photos greg lecoeur

Photo credit: Greg Lecoeur

best photos Santiago Borja

Photo credit: Santiago Borja

best photos pieter henket

Photo credit: Pieter Henket

best photos samira qadir

Photo credit: Samira Qadir

best photos tim laman

Photo credit:

best photos Jacob Ehrbahn Refugee Stream 2016

Photo credit: Jacob Ehrbahn

best photos Antonius Andre Tjiu Floating Market 2016

Photo credit: Antonius Andre Tjiu

best photos Laura Barnett

Photo credit: Laura Barnett

best photos erica wu

Photo credit: Erica Wu

best photos Amin Abedini

Photo credit: Amin Abedini

best photos kristina makeeva

Photo credit: Kristina Makeeva

We can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for us!

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