This Optical Illusion Reveals Different Sets of Numbers To Different People

Black and White Optical Illusion Reveals Different Sets of Numbers

A well-done optical illusion will challenge your brain and your eyes. And while we've seen our fair share of designs—from a black-and-white pattern that hides a cat to an illusion that uses “curvature blindness“—there's still room for a surprise. A new black-and-white optical illusion was posted on Twitter, which reveals a different set of numbers depending on the person. Or, to be more specific, depending on the person's vision.

Most viewers commented on seeing “45283” hidden within the hypnotic swirling pattern. And while that's not incorrect, that's not the full set either. In actuality, there is “3452839” stamped in the circular illusion, only the “3” and the “9” are less visible to certain people. This phenomenon is due to contrast sensitivity, which refers to the eye's ability to distinguish objects from the background in different situations, such as low light, fog, and glare.

A common way people measure contrast sensitivity, for instance, is trying to read characters as they fade from black to increasingly lighter shades of gray. So, someone who has a high contrast sensitivity will likely see all the numbers, whereas someone who has a lower amount may see just “528,” which are the most prominent digits. If you can't make out any characters in the illusion, however, that could be an indication that your vision should be checked by a medical professional.

An optical illusion on Twitter contains numbers inside the-black-and-white pattern. However, the number set will appear differently depending on how sensitive your eyes are to light and dark contrast.

h/t: [LADbible]

All images via Twitter.

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