November 2, 2021

20 Cool Gifts for the Greatest Guys in Your Life

It's true. Guys—no matter their age or relation to you—are still the hardest ones to shop for. If he's not the type to window-shop or make a list, you might be at wit's end searching for a gift that he'll like. Never fret. My Modern Met Store boasts a broad selection of cool and unique gifts that guys are sure to love. Is he serious and minimalistic?

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October 23, 2021

25 Art Gifts That Practicing Artists and Creative Enthusiasts Will Love

What are your earliest memories of art? Perhaps you recall scribbling on your walls with a marker or decorating your prized coloring book in a rainbow of hues. Whatever your experiences were, it’s safe to say that your life has been touched by art—even if you don’t consider yourself a creative person. And you're not alone; this is why art gifts are some of the most unique presents you can give someone.

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October 20, 2021

Feel Like a Star When You Wear These Amazing Meteorite Necklaces

From a full moon to constellations to shooting stars, the night sky is a romantic sight. Now, you can carry a piece of its splendor with you in the form of a dazzling necklace. Yugen Handmade has created a special “stardust” line of accessories made from genuine meteorite. The Oval Raw Pendant Necklace features a piece of Campo del Cielo meteorite surrounded by a silver oval frame and suspended on a delicate chain.

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