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Delightful Pots Turn Air Plants into Whimsical Jellyfish

Cathy Van Hoang’s adorably creative planters turn sea urchin shells into pots and make air plants look like whimsical jellyfish. The artist paints the shells soft, pastel colors and then pots wispy air plants in them. When hung upside down, the shell forms the spiny body of a jellyfish, and the air plant’s arms look like squiggly tentacles extending outward. Because the arms look like they’re floating in ocean water, the planters make it easy to imagine you’re looking at a delightful underwater scene.

The jellyfish planters are available on Van Hoang’s Etsy store for about $25 each.

Cathy Van Hoang’s Etsy store
via [This is Colossal, Steampunk Tendencies]

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