Baby Cows Wear Earmuffs in the Winter To Protect Them From Chilling Frostbite

Baby Calf Wears Earmuffs in Cold Weather

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What’s cuter than a cow? A baby cow, of course. But what’s even cuter than a baby cow? A baby cow in earmuffs! Apparently, it’s common for farmers to clothe their calves with specially designed earmuffs to protect their ears from frostbite. The newborn babes are more susceptible to the cold because of their age and size, so they need a little extra help to stay warm in the winter. And not only are the earmuffs incredibly practical, but they’re absolutely adorable as well.

When Twitter user Rob N Roll found out about the creative little contraptions, he took the liberty of sharing photos of the earmuffs in action. And since it was first shared, the post has received more than 300,000 likes and almost 50,000 retweets. Needless to say, people were absolutely enamored with the cuteness and mesmerized by the endearing doe-eyed faces of each calf in its colorful, hand-knitted earmuffs.

Some people in the comments even asked for a pattern so they could make a few themselves. Others jokingly asked where they could get a pair for their own pets. One commenter helpfully drew attention to a Wisconsin-based company called Moo Muffs that manufactures and distributes a water-resistant nylon and fleece version of the earmuffs worldwide. There are also independent makers on Etsy that are getting in on the trendy new farmwear. “Can’t believe they aren’t called ‘mooffs,’” Rob N Roll captioned a subsequent tweet with more photos.

Well, no matter what they’re called, they’re probably the cutest thing you’ll see all day.

Apparently, baby cows wear special earmuffs to protect them from the cold, and it's the cutest thing ever.

Baby Cow Wears Cute Earmuffs

Baby Cow Wears Cute Earmuffs

After one Twitter user posted a picture of the cute earmuffs in action, people couldn't get enough.


h/t: [Twisted Sifter]

All images via Rob N Roll.

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