Smiling “Grandma” Turtle Gets Happily Adopted After Being Abandoned in a Dumpster

Sometimes, even in the darkest times, good things can find us and restore our hope. The story of a cheerful turtle who kept a smile on her face despite the hardships she went through is a great example of that. An elderly turtle who is missing both her right legs, found herself in a dumpster on a cold December morning. Despite being alone and buried among the trash, the creature persisted in her search for a way out. With such a tough outlook, it's hard to believe how things played out for this sweet reptile in the end.

After causing a little ruckus in a dumpster, someone finally noticed that something in the trash was moving. Despite cowering in her shell, the creature was fortunately spotted and rescued by a good samaritan, who then took her to the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue. Her story, inevitably, broke the hearts of the staff. “We were all really upset when we heard about her coming in from the trash,” Jennifer Gordon, from the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, told The Dodo. “Knowing she especially needed a special home, since she only had two legs, and someone just left her in the trash, likely for her disability, was heartbreaking.”

Luckily, it seem like the hard times for this turtle affectionately called Grandma had finally come to an end. The sweetest part about Grandma is that her past trauma and the obstacles she’s undoubtedly faced haven’t stopped her from cherishing human contact and being an absolute sweetheart. “She doesn’t let her past hardships slow her down,” the staff of the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue wrote in a Facebook post. “She is so friendly and sweet. She will take produce from your hands. She loves to swim up to you at the edge of her tank and when she gives you those big turtle eyes, it’s hard to walk away!! She’s a senior turtle who just wants to live the good life, and we want that for her too.”

The rescue's wish didn't take long to come true, and in a matter of weeks, Grandma had found her new home. She now goes by Maude, a more personal name that still somehow reflects her seniority and tenderness. She still loves to have dinner straight from her human's hand and melts hearts with her smile and wide eyes. “Her new mom wanted us to know that ‘Maude is doing well. She's eating kale out of my hand and she seems pretty content,'” the rescue shared on Instagram.

The senior turtle's story is a reminder that resilience and hope can pay off, so it's best to keep looking up. “We are so happy for her,” Carolina Waterfowl Rescue wrote in an update, “and we know everyone who follows us will share in the joy of knowing what a great and cherished life she will lead now that [she’s] found a forever home. Congratulations to our turtle granny.”

If you want to support Carolina Waterfowl Rescue or learn how to help other creatures who may be looking for a home, you can follow the wildlife rescue on Facebook and Instagram.

After being found in the trash, a senior two-legged turtle affectionately referred to as Grandma was brought to Carolina Waterfowl Rescue.

Fortunately, in a matter of weeks, Grandma has found her new home, where she seems pretty happy and eats kale from her human's hand.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue: Facebook | Instagram
h/t: [The Dodo]

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