Grandpa Films “Peppa Pig on Vacation” for Granddaughter Who Snuck Toys Into His Luggage

@lifeoftanyamarie Best grandpa award goes to you dad🥹🫶🏾 #storytime #familyvacation #peppapig #familytrip #grandparents ♬ Married Life (From “Up”) – Sergy el Som

The love of a grandparent knows no bounds. They can be very warm, pampering, and creative in their ways to show the little ones how much they are loved. A California man named David Zielke is the ultimate example of this, as he went to great lengths to put a smile on his 5-year-old granddaughter Lisette’s face. Now, one endearing project he set up for himself recently is making the rounds on TikTok, warming the hearts of anyone who comes across his story.

Zielke was bound for a 10-day trip to Cabo San Lucas along with other family members to go to a wedding. Lisette had to stay behind, but she found a clever way to make herself present during the getaway—she slipped four of her beloved Peppa Pig toys into her grandpa's suitcase. “Our initial reaction was that (Lisette) wanted to come so bad, that she (gave us) her toys,” Tanya, Lisette’s aunt and David's daughter, told Today. “If she wasn't able to go, well then, the toys had to go on this adventure.” The grandpa didn’t discover the stowaways until he was sorting his belongings on the first night of the trip.

This sparked an idea, and Zielke decided to take the toys with him throughout the vacation. The devoted grandpa then filmed what Peppa Pig and company were up to, like going for a swim, sunbathing, having Mexican delicacies for lunch, and even attending the wedding reception. Like any good movie director, Zielke worked patiently with his plastic stars, lovingly giving them directions, like, “Don’t go too far out in the middle,” while the toys floated in the pool. He then aimed to edit a video featuring all the different places the cartoon characters went to.

Knowing they had to keep the figurines safe, the family decided to keep them by their side at all times in a black tote bag, popping them out on dinner tables and poolsides. While the rest of the party felt a little self-conscious about having the toys around, it quickly faded when strangers realized what was going on. However, Zielke didn't mind what others thought from the start. “My dad is a goofball and he doesn’t care what people think of him,” Tanya says. “He had no shame in pulling out those toys.”

Noticing the warm response his dad's actions were sparking, the equally loving aunt decided to share the story on TikTok. “So you guys want to see the sweetest thing?” she wrote in a video that has now been watched over 13 million times. Tanya captioned it: “Best grandpa award goes to you dad.”

Once the vacation was over, the loving grandpa and aunt organized a video premiere. Hoping to give little Lisette her own adventure, Tanya bought her a Peppa Pig-printed dress, as well as stuffed toys for her and her brother, and planned to take them out to eat burgers. She also shared the finished video featuring the granddaughter's reaction to it all.

As if the dedication shown by the grandpa throughout the trip wasn't moving enough, he left a loving message for Lisette in the video voice over. “You were in my heart the whole time we were gone,” David states. “Thanks to your little toys, hopefully you enjoyed this video. This is a souvenir for you that you’ll be able to look back on, maybe long after I’m gone. It’s just a little sign of love that I have for you and your little brother.”

When a grandpa named David Zielke discovered his granddaughter had slipped her beloved Peppa Pig toys in his suitcase before a trip, he decided to film the figurines having adventures on vacation.

@lifeoftanyamarie Replying to @manichebennett the grandbabies he did it for 🥹🫶🏾 #peppapig #familyvacation #familytrip #grandparents #storytime #part2 #wholesome ♬ Married Life (From “Up”) – Sergy el Som

On his return, his daughter Tanya edited the videos together and got his approval before unveiling it to little Lisette.

They even had a premiere, which they were clearly hyped up for.

You can watch Peppa Pig's adventures as filmed by the loving grandpa on vacation and edited by a loving aunt, as well as the granddaughter’s reaction to it, below.

Tanya Marie: TikTok | Instagram | YouTube
h/t: [Today]

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