Dog Mom Gives Her Adorable Newfoundland a New Makeover Every Day During Lockdown

Hank The Newfoundland

The COVID-19 lockdown has resulted in many of us self-isolating at home and struggling to pass the time. Maybe you’ve taken up a new craft, or perhaps you’ve found a new love for baking, or maybe you’re simply taking some time off to relax. Regardless of what you’re doing, quarantine life can get lonely, but those lucky enough to have pets can thank their furry friends for the great company. For dog mom Hannah Heil, her pet Newfoundland, Hank, is the source of endless entertainment. Since the pandemic, she’s been giving the adorable, big friendly giant fun daily makeovers.

During the first few days of quarantine, Heil gave Hank a different hairstyle, from spiky updos to a neat middle-parting. As the days went on, Heil became more creative, and started including accessories and props in each of Hank’s looks, made from items she could find around the house. From a Tiger King-inspired ensemble (complete with a plush tiger) to a Girl with a Pearl Earring get-up, each daily makeover is both hilarious and adorable.

Not only does each look showcase Heil's boundless creativity, but Hank seems to be enjoying the attention, too. “Hank is a Newfoundland, and exemplifies that breed. He has an overwhelmingly calm and relaxed disposition,” Heil tells My Modern Met. “When we are giving Hank his little ‘makeovers’ he will sit up and pose, and usually try kissing you the entire time. We cannot take much longer than 5-10 minutes on each pose, because once the drool starts it’s game over!”

Heil created an Instagram specifically for Hank’s daily makeovers. “We make a big deal after every photo about how he is just the very BEST boy,” says Heil. “This is usually followed by Hank conducting his ‘I’m such a good boy’ march around the house for a time after the photo is taken.”

Check out some of Hank the Newfoundland's hilarious looks below and follow him on Instagram to see how he'll look tomorrow.

Meet Hank, the adorable Newfoundland dog who's been receiving hilarious daily makeovers since the COVID-19 lockdown.

Hank The NewfoundlandHank The Newfoundland

His human, Hannah Heil, has been having fun styling him with a different look every day.

Hank The NewfoundlandHank The Newfoundland

Can you guess the inspiration behind this one?

Hank The Newfoundland

Heil has been creating each look from items she finds around the house.

Hank The NewfoundlandHank The Newfoundland

Many makeovers are inspired by iconic films.

Hank The NewfoundlandHank The NewfoundlandHank The Newfoundland

And the big friendly giant seems to be enjoying the attention, too.

Hank The NewfoundlandHank The NewfoundlandHank The NewfoundlandHank The NewfoundlandHank The Newfoundland: Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Hannah Heil / Hank The Newfoundland.

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