Watch a Helicopter Pilot Recover an RC Plane in This Thrilling Video

Screenshot of video showing a pilot recovering a kid's rc plane

Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

Little superhero moments happen every day. During a helicopter training flight, a pilot named Jimmy spotted a beautiful remote control plane taking to the skies. Sadly, the joy didn't last long, as the toy plane quickly crashed into the trees. Having witnessed the whole scene from up in the air, Jimmy had an idea to launch a rescue mission for the miniature aircraft.

“You know how cool it would be if I could scoop it out of that tree for him? You know how big of a friend I would have?” Jimmy tells his student copilot. He receives the affirmative reply, “Do it!” So, the two of them waste no time in launching the greatest RC plane rescue operation to ever take place.

The pilot, who posted the video of the RC plane recovery tale to his YouTube channel, explains the scene as “fishing out a P-51 Mustang model airplane with a Robinson R-22.” Despite being less than five minutes long, the story that unfolds feels straight out of an uplifting action movie.

After safely approaching the treetops, the man in red swiftly grabs the plane, which is so big he carries it outside the vessel during the descent. “Do you think I’ll have permission to land now?” the pilot asks cheekily, knowing very well that his onlookers must be losing their minds and awaiting their arrival.

“These dudes are trippin' right now, you know that?” he adds. Indeed, the rescue team is greeted excitedly by the family on the ground. While handing over the plane, the pilot tells them, “You're so welcome, it was my pleasure.”

Although it was originally posted in 2012, the video continues to marvel people. It was recently shared on Reddit, where it got over 17,000 upvotes and earned the pilot a ton of praise for his expertise and colored commentary. “Can you imagine crashing your toy plane and a helicopter out of nowhere and comes and retrieves it for you? Wild,” one Redditor said. To that, the user who shared it replied, “That would make my whole year.”

During a helicopter training flight, a pilot named Jimmy spotted a toy plane crashing into the trees. In no time, he launches the greatest RC plane rescue operation to ever take place. Watch the video below.

h/t: [Reddit]

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