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Wild Iguana Photobombs a Woman’s Picture in One Impressive Leap

Animals are the best photobombers. Their earnest curiosity can transform an otherwise ordinary picture into a magical scene, or their presence can be a hilarious addition you never knew you needed—it’s truly kismet when creature and camera meet like that. Tammy Ricks recently experienced this stroke of good luck while in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As she was posing against an idyllic ocean backdrop, a large iguana leaped right in front of her.

Like nearly all animal photobombs, this incredible image was something you couldn’t plan for. The photographer, who goes by the name CT, snapped the picture at just the right second. The creature is suspended in mid-air and its body and tail stuck perfectly straight. Against the backdrop of blue and brown tones, its vibrant green scales steal the show. And it all happened so fast that Ricks didn’t have time to react, which makes the whole thing all the more amusing—she is standing as if nothing unusual was happening.

For another classic animal photobomb, see how the adorable Fiona the hippo swam her way into the moment a couple was getting engaged.

Tammy Ricks: Instagram
h/t: [Mashable]

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